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Will I have mandatory jail time on a 2nd Dui in which I was driving on a suspended license?
I had a Dui in June of 2015, BAL was .16%. I was out of the country however on my court date. When I returned I learned that a bench warrant was issued and I was instructed to go to court and get put on calendar. I procrastinated and never went. Then in december 2016 I was pulled over for a license plate light at 6am taking a friend home from a party. I had stopped drinking many hours before and I still dont know what my BAL was except that the above.08% box is checked on the citation. On both Duis I did not go to jail, I was cited out and my car towed. And yes my license was suspended on the first Dui so I was driving on a suspended license . This situation has caused me to lose jobs and not qualify for jobs. It has put my profession on hold as I am a family therapy intern and I cant register with the board to practice until I clear this up. I have never been in trouble before and I am a single mother with no family in the area to help if I went to jail. Im very scared of jail, if I do go to jail can I bail out? Is there a chance I could do ankle monitor or something? If I cant work I will lose my house and I have no idea in regards to my child. Please tell me what to expect
The minimum punishment on a second-time DUI is 96 hours of county jail and ten days for driving on a license that was...
I have a DUI arrest NOT convicted yet, Re applying for Daca work permit.
I got arrested and charged with DUI, no accident nothing if that sort, I have an attorney it's been over 6 months no charges filled yet but in prepared to fight the charge, my question is my Daca work permit is coming up for Renewel I received my letter to reapply my question is how will this affect my application and what do I need to disclose to Immigration when filling out the form?? Since I have not been charged and charges have not been filled yet therefore I am currently innocent im assuming what steps would I need to take next?
This is a good question for an immigration attorney familiar with DACA and its criteria. Talk to an experienced...
Foster and DUI response
We want to do foster care but unfortunately my husband has a DUI we let them know. Now we are waiting for repone but it's taking too long. It's been almost two months. How long do they take?? I want to start thing moving again but I can't
I suppose the easiest thing to do is call and ask for an update on the status of the application. I cannot say if a dui...
If failed a drug test for marijuana can i collect unemployment benfits
good afternoon, today 3/19/2017 i was at work at they have had me driving a forklift since January 2017 without a forklift Lisc, i hit a door with the forklift due to ice on the floor the door was fine but they asked me to conduct a drug test, i did and they said they would call me with the results. i smoked marijuana a few weeks ago and it will come out on the test am i still entitled to unemployment if let go since it was not fault of my own due to the fact that they had me driving with out a forklift lisc?
Maybe. Apply and see what happens. They might fight it because you were terminated for cause. Don't lie about the...
I need a lawyer to fight a dui marijuana and i am curious to see if i can sue town/officer for wrongful arrest
I was pulled over on my way to work because of speed and instead of a speeding ticket i recieved a dui. Only one field sobierty test conducted. No blood just pee
You need to deal with the criminal charges before you start talking about civil action for wrongful arrest. Consult...
I got my 1st DUI in Hawaii on my vacation. Can somebody explain the penalties. And how long does it stay on record.
I got my 1st DUI in Hawaii on my vacation. I live in California. Can somebody explain the penalties. And how long does it stay on record. I can't go on court dates.
You should ask this question of HI attorneys.
What dose a ATB DUI mean on a ticket?
My friend was stopped by a police officer Was not arrested car was taken for one day. Charged for unlicensed and ATB DUI. What steps can he take to not go to jail
Not sure what ATB means. Please encourage your friend to meet with a local criminal defense attorney in Fresno. Have...