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Can i refuse service to a customer who gets drunk and harrasses me?
I work in a convenience store and have one customer who gets drunk and then comes in yelling across the store, changing prices, saying hes been ripped off by another cashier, etc. Hes beligerent and can barely stand up. I have to work alone and i dont feel safe when he comes in. Can i refuse to serve him like as soon as he enters the store?
Given the facts you describe, you probably have a basis to refuse service to an unruly and drunk customer. However,...
I have a license for business purpose only. I'd like to know if this can be used to drive out of state for work. i.e. FL to GA.
I'm disable with 3 children, my father has given me an opportunity to work. the only problem is he lives in Ga. I understand what the fl. statute says,but, is my license valid when crossing state lines? It is necessary driving for work purposes.
Unless there is a separate Ga suspension or unless the Fl restricted license is restricted only to Fl, you should be...
My DUI case was NOLLE PROSSED. Do I still have to complete the DUI classes?
Pinellas county FL
It depends on if you provided a breath sample or not. DMV may still require DUI school based on an administrative...
What does Adult Docket FCT K mean on the top of an apperance date order?
ticket was for dwlsr and no seatbelt, but was driving on a revoked after 3 duis......last one, I did 15 days jail time
It may have something to do with the "K" function in the software used in Pinellas, this pulls up the activity of a case.
What is the statute of limitations in suing an at fault drunk driver for property damage, injuries and mental anguish?
she had no insurance , i was never told i could file for restitution. My life has been ruined since this accident and my car is getting reposesed because i refuse to pay 315 a month for a damaged car. my insurance company dropped me a week after the accident on false accusations. Help Please. i dont know what to do.
Sit down with a personal injury attorney to understand all of your options! Good luck to you.
Do i have to carry fr44 insurace for three years
i blew0.13 my licsence got suspendid for six months how long do i have to have rfr44 insurance
You can apply for a hardship driver's license after 30 days unless the court order was longer than the usual 30 days. I'...
Is there a time limit to take a breathylizer after being pulled over for a dui
I was stopped at 1254 am and took breath test at 318. Is the breath test valid in the state of florida within that time frame
Time goes to the weight of the evidence not admissibility. A little over 2 hours would not likely make the results go...