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I have been ordered to serve 3 days in jail for a "driving under a 12 point suspension." The date that I am to appear is Friday, December 12th. Since the hearing, I have obtained a new job which will require me to work that weekend. At my orientation, I was informed that time off should be scheduled no less than 30 days in advance so that adequate help can be scheduled to cover for me. I also have scheduled visitation with my children on said weekend. Is there any way that I could get this rescheduled until after the first of the year and, if so, how would one go about requesting this change?
Ask your lawyer to file a motion with the court requesting an extension of your surrender date.
originally got pulled over for tail light showing white.
You should hire a local attorney if possible to go with you to court tomorrow. If it is your first court appearance,...
Currently got an ovi/dui in ohio. They took my pa license and said they were suspended. Does this mean I can drive in pa but not in ohio?
You'd have to check with PA to see if your right to drive is suspended in PA
I was arrested for a dui in ohio the other day. I pulled over to puked along side the road then the cops showed up. Did a sobriety test and then put me in the back of the cop car. Question I'm asking is, can he put me in the back of the cop car in handcuffs before being read my Maranda rights? And does he have to search me before putting me into the cop car?
Yes, the police can arrest you without Mirandizing you (reading you your rights). However, they cannot question you...
Paid all fines, did community service, and did 6 weeks of testing every day with all tests being clean. Also did alcohol classes as required. Probation runs until March 2014
If that is an original condition of your probation then most likely yes. If you had an attorney for your case you may...
My son was told on by friends for drinking. 3 days AFTER they are saying he consumed/possessed alcohol, he was called in to the station to be questioned. On that same day I was granted temporary custody of him. He went with his mother to the station and he confessed that he did indeed consume alcohol. Being that earlier in the day his mother lost custody of him do I have an angle considering at the time of questioning she was not his "legal Guardian".
This situation will not be a determining factor in this case. If this kid has a drinking problem get it addressed now....
My 15 year old son was at a party drinking, 4 Others boys, NOT my son, left the party and vandalized stuff. The police caught the boys for vandalizing the next day in which they said they were drinking with my son at a party BEFORE they vandalized stuff. My son got called into the station with his mother and he admitted to drinking. The court sent me a paper stating he is being charged with Underage Possession/Consumption of alcohol. No officer witnessed him impaired or even saw him in general until the next day, no tests were issued either. My son is active in sports and college bound and I'm afraid this will hurt his record. Does the officer not have to witness him with possession or smell alcohol or something? Is the fact he admitted to it enough to charge him?
The quick answer is probably yes, but it is more complicated than that. This situation just twists my crank. It has...