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Why do I have a probation officer for a DUI 1?
I was convicted of a DUI 1, which is a misdemeanor in my state. So when I go to court, they tell me I have a probation officer. So I can't drive (no license, nor a car) because I lost my job. I'm 23 I don't understand why I have one, if it were for drugs that would be a different story.
If you received a stayed sentence for a criminal offense, it is likely that you were placed on probation subject to...
Can I still get drug tested even though I finished my required drug tests?
In October I was scheduled for a court date having to do with a simple possession charge. In my state the herb is decriminalized so I was given a very lenient probation process where all I must do is set up a day of my choice every month to do a urinary drug test. It has been hard to get through, but now I am on my final stretch with only one drug test left that is going to be in early February. Every time I show up to the place where I drug test I must pay 50$ and pee in a small paper cup. I have only seen my PO once because he is never at the place. The sheet that I was given says to do four drugs tests then the misdemeanor is expunged from my record. After I do the a last drug test in Feb. apparently all I need to do is get my PO to sign off on it and then go in front of a judge in early April to slam the hammer. I am curious if there is any chance that they could schedule another drug test before the court date ( Even though I have a piece of paper that I signed that says only 4 drug tests ) Even though I know that it is unlikely to be drug tested at court I plan on laying off of the herb for the last month and a half before the court date. I am taking college classes along wit
From what you have said it sounds unlikely that they will do more than the required drug tests, however, they could...
What do I do if I was charged with possession of paraphernalia and the felony possession charge is being held? They want me to s
Road block. Told to pull over for DUI. Never tested. Searched vehicle. Said they found paraphernalia. Arrested me. Dog came. Searched my purse. Said they found a gram of meth. I wasn't allowed to watch search. Taken to jail and held for 50+ hours under investigation. They want me to snitch. Court is next week. I don't know what to do. I was manhandled, refused medications, or medical care for injury to arm from being dragged and thrown onto car by 2 deputies.
You need to retain an attorney immediately. You are being charged with a serious crime. Myself and others offer free...
What is the worst I can be sentenced for my D.U.I. other(marijuana) charge in MS. ?
Was arrested and charged with possession and dui. I am 19, college student , first offense.
Because it is a first offense you may have a possibility of reducing or ultimately dismissing the charges. Contact an...
Would my attorney have a copy of all the charges I got for a DUI?
I received a DUI. I had friends in the vehicle with me and I had a bottle of whiskey in the truck as well. The officer took it for evidence but I think he said he forgot to write it down. I gave my parents the money and they said they'd take care of it since I'm in school. I never told my parents I had friends in the truck with me or that I had whiskey with me. I am underage and blew a .5. Would my attorney know about a possession charge even if I didn't tell them?
Your attorney will know. This question needs to be addressed to your lawyer if you are in fact represented. As a...
Will I be drug tested in court for reckless driving and superspeeder
I was in Mississippi in Pontotoc County and got caught going 100 in a 65 and got a superspeeder and reckless driving. I am curious to if I get drug tested in court or not.
Not likely. However, your question tends to show that drugs may be an issue. Stop doing the drugs.
How can I get a DUI removed after it's been 3 years?
I'm in the military but a few years ago I was with friends and we had been doing some light drinking but I failed the alcohol breathalizer but I am trying to go active duty and i need this off my record before i can, what are my options?
Not this soon (3 years), unfortunately. However, depending on the facts and whether you meet the eligibility criteria...