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Can I request retesting of urine samples?
Due to my DUI I am required to attend 25 meetings (one meeting per week). I am periodically tested for compliance in the program (abstinence from alcohol). I have not had a drink in almost nine months, however I was told that my urine came back positive for a higher level of enzymes which is apparently due to alcohol intake. Again, I have not had anything to drink so I was baffled as to how that could happen. I was told I would need to restart the program from the beginning which is $35 a meeting. I want to know if there is anything I can do to prove I have not been drinking. I've volunteered to be tested daily. I don't want this to tarnish my program or my credibility. I've been doing everything right and have stayed away from alcohol and want a way to show I shouldn't be doubted.
If you have not already admitted to drinking, then you should consult an attorney and consider fighting this. Meet...
I in VA and have been charge with dui in PA. I hold a cdl .They have a ard program that i can get in. Will VA dmv suspend my cdl
ARD will dismiss after program completed
Retain a good PA DUI attorney. Virginia DMV will likely suspend your Virginia license upon an out of state DUI...
I see that my son just got a CAPIAS-VASAP charge in Virginia
He has prior Felony charge (B&E) and some A&B charges from 2011 in other counties in VA. He has been in VDOJ system as juvenile and adult. He was convicted of DUI in York County, Nov 2013 --- he ran off the road and into the side of of a home. He got 2 yrs probation, VASAP and interlock, 6 mos suspended jail and Nolle Process on RD and drug charges. On 20 May Civil Court awarded USAA Ins was awarded $26K in damages for the accident . 22 May he was convicted of Revocation (DUI not admin) in Va Beach. He got a fine. A CAPIAS- ASAP VIOLATION was issued on 21 May 2014 in York County (day before revocation conviction). He didn't show on 29 May 2014 and is not marked as "fugitive file" in York County. What now?
Speak to a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Get your son appropriate counsel and prepare him to turn himself in. This...
Going to court tomorrow. For drunk in public and resisting arrest
I'm 18. live in virginia, my court is in manassas. Are they going to have like a trial like with the cops and everything to explain what happen? I have a witness too. But I'm not sure if its gonna be a trial? Or is my lawyer gonna talk to the judge and then see what my punishment it? How does it work? I really don't want a trial......
Sounds like you have an attorney. You should discuss this with them as they are in the best position to answer your...
I am about to apply for my full license restoration, but I think I failed the ASAP drug test
I have had DUI`s in the past. They were all drinking related and no convictions were ever drug related. I would also mention that I have NO JAILTIME LEFT. So, after 3 years of successful probation period, I was granted a restricted license at the beginning of this year. Even though, I had completed all my programs, the judge still asked me to register with ASAP until my license is restored. I complied with the program and now I have to apply for a full restoration. However, I was called in the ASAP office as the original case in charge left. The new officer did my screening again. The result have not come in yet, but I know that most likely I will fail the drug test since I used some recently. I asked the officer as to what was the test is for, she said that they will do a final check on drugs & alcohol before they send the letter out to the court for restoration. I asked her if I fail the drug test and pass the alcohol test, what will be the outcome. She said that she will write whatever the results come in the report and then it is completely up to the judge as to if he wants you to have full license or not. What should I expect at the court?
Dear Manassas - I think that you know the answer, but since you asked - it is likely that the judge denies your...
Can I successfully press charges against a drunk driver who rear ended my vehicle and assaulted me on the scene?
I was rear-ended by a drunk driver a few nights ago. Upon calling 911 and explaining the scene as I was outside of my car, the driver was about to flee the scene. I then began describing her tag to the operator when she began to get angry with me. She lunged for phone once and I told her to move repeatedly. She backed away a little bit and as soon as I made another attempt to get her tag number, that's when she lunged towards me again and it ended up becoming a scuffle, that was broken up by people who drove by and saw us on the ground and police showed up a minute after. On top of that there was another woman who was involved (the impact caused me to bump into her rear bumper) and she tried to make a claim that it was domestic violence, which was ridiculous cause. When police arrived and assessed the scene the drunk driver ended up being arrested and charged for a third DUI. On the scene paramedics came and I told them I had pain in my left hand. Three days later I found out that I had a fractured bone in my hand and now I'm in a splint for a month. I have a court date scheduled and I'm in the process of getting the transcript to the call that I made to 911 that night.
You have a right to report the matter to police, and they will decide whether or not they wished to press formal charges.
I have an interlock installed, why I am getting the camera installed?
I've had my interlock device installed in my car for almost 6 months with no violations or missed tests. I received a call from the interlock company that my calibration appt has been changed due to camera installation. Why after all this time am I getting it now? I received a letter from my asap office that my compliance period is over soon.
The law now requires cameras in interlock devices.