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Can I request a drug test from my dr
Roommate is acting odd think he might be doing some crazy crap want to have him get a drug test to confirm but don't know if he can ask for one from his dr without the dr asking for it first
you can always ask for one. But whether they share the results with you is not mandatory. Best to find another roommate
What will my sentence be?
I was pulled over for a speed in Duluth. I had a couple of beers and the officer pulled me out for the tests- when given a breathalyzer, tried to blow , but I have asthma, I couldn't complete the test- he gave me a refusal. This is my second in 10 years- the first was August of 2005 but was sentenced in August of 2006----- since then, I haven't drank, at all! Except for this ill fated night! This one was given to me in August of 2016- when I was pulled over- will they consider this my second?
The answer will depend on your exact sentencing date in 2006 and the date of the new offense. If this is considered...
I'm a Minnesota resident. Got a DUI. Considering moving to Oklahoma. Would I be able to get a license in Oklahoma?
Looking to relocate but not sure I will be able to get a license in the new state after getting a dui in my current resident state.
If you were convicted of the DWI, or if the license revocation was sustained or went unchallenged, then you will have...
How long will a dui stay on my driving record in Minnesota does it change anything if I was 16?
So I was 16 years old and I received a DUI of alcohol, let's not mistake this for a DWI, how long will the dui stay on my record and my driving record? I live in Minnesota, I am currently 19 going on 20.
Mistake it for a DWI? What's the difference? In Minnesota, DWI/DUIs are permanent unless the court grants an expungement.
What can I do to get to work? I work shifts from 6am to 6pm, or 6pm to 6am
Blew a .20 bac. Went to jail and got bailed out for 600$ and 7 days for my license in till license is revoked. Court date is set February 17
You may want to look into the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program. It may allow you to get your driving privileges...
Is there a way to fight a dui?
My father got a dui in August, he was sitting in his van with the keys in the ignition. The vehicle was off and he was not planning on driving. He was on the phone with my brother when the cops walked up on him, he was asking my brother for a ride. Is there a way to fight the dui? Or get a lesser charge?
There are a great many options and possibilities. The state must prove that your father was in physical control of the...
DWI hearing cancelled?
Daughter's father failed to appear at all previous hearings for his DWI. Today I see the court received his Chemical Dependency Eval Report his future court appearance is cancelled. What could be a possible reason as far as I know, he has no valid license. I don't want her in a car with him if he's not licensed or has no insurance.
There are many reasons for the activity you're seeing on the court website, including the possibility that the website...