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Drunk in public under DUI probation?
I am on probation for DUI and two days ago i got arrested for drunk in public. I live in virginia. how much will that affected my DUI? Will i be sentenced to jail?
Usually a term of probation is to complete ASAP and not consume alcohol for the term of probation. If no alcohol is...
Can I take a DUI conviction from 2015 back to the courts?
I was convicted of a DUI in January of 2015 in NeW Jersey. I was ordered to a 6 month suspension, 12 hours of an alcohol education program and then an assessment by a licensed clinician to see if further treatment is needed. Since VA found out about the charge, I had to comply with NJ requirements plus an added 1 year suspension. I have completed 20 hours of alcohol education, fulfilled my time of suspension and am now in a 16-week program. The reason I want to take my case back to the court is because the licensed clinician stated that she doesn't feel I have an issue with substance abuse, but wants me to do the program anyway solely because I was charged with a DUI. The department of mental health and addiction services here is requiring me to meet with them 3 times a week for one hour sessions as well as going to 2 AA meetings a week. It's completely degrading to me because I do not have a substance abuse issue. I just want my license back.
You have an option to appeal after your conviction. There a time limits for appeals. If you miss them, your opportunity...
Will I have to take a drug test for reckless driving?
I recently was driving on the freeway in VA to go to see my family. I lost focus and I started to speed up to 87 in a 65. I was pulled over and given a summons to court for reckless driving. Out of fear I managed to stay sober for the past 3 1/2 weeks, but the question still burns in the back of my mind...will I be drug tested on my court date?
You are facing a criminal charge---not a mere speeding ticket. Get a criminal defense attorney immediately or you...
What will happen if I have a show cause for a violation on my defferd finding
I have a defferd finding in va it's a domsetic assault iv been on papers for a year and have failed a drug test threw mental health I also want to let them just keep it on my record so I don't have to jump threw hoops
You violated the conditions of your deferred finding and will be found guilty of the domestic assault. Depending on...
Can a judge suspend a sentence if there is a mandatory minimum with the charge?
If the charges for a defendant carry a mandatory minimum can a judge suspend them? For instance if a charge carries a five year mandatory minimum can a judge suspend the sentence to less than five years?
No, judge is required to give at least the mandatory minimum.
How do I get a DUI from 2014 expunged from my record in VA?
I received a DUI after leaving my residence in a hurry and to save my life. I was being severely abused by my husband and we had a daughter together. She thank goodness was at my parents house, I dropped her off there Friday night. I went back home Friday night so I wouldn't alarm him and so I could pack up our things on saturday and leave while my husband was gone. It was saturday afternoon and my husband left as usual to go work out and he was usually gone for 3-4 hours on those days. So I had a plan to leave while he was gone so things wouldn't esculate again. I had a broken rib and in pain from his prior attack. I had a few glasses of wine but wasn't planning on driving anywhere. I was packing things up very quickly so I could leave with my father when he arrived in that hour. However, my husband came home early (as if he knew I was leaving) I was upstairs packing a bag and he attacked me again, threw me down the stairs. He was going nuts and yelling, I saw my keys by the door and grabbed them and left running from him. He chased after me, but I managed to get in the car and drive off. I was going to my folks when I slipped on ice and hit a parked car. cops came?
You don't say whether the case is still pending or has been resolved. In order to be eligible for an expungement the...
How can I get a "No Trade Dress" charge dismissed?
I am an Uber driver who was given a summons for "No Trade Dress" while parked at Dulles in the parking lot where uber drivers wait. I was not trying to get a ride. My app was off for 3 hours. I needed to pull over and park because I was too tired to drive. I do not have TNC registration because I am allowed to drop off in VA. But the officer was initially talking to me because he thought I was parked illegally, not because there was any indication that I was an Uber driver. I told him I was there because I drove someone for an hour from DC to Dulles and needed to rest before getting back on road. He said that dropping off is still not allowed even if coming from another state. That is incorrect. It is being charged as a misdemeanor.
Will Uber provide you with an attorney? Sounds like you and many other drivers for them might have this problem. If...