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I completed probation, house arrest, paid fines, completed rehab, Out patience programs
Not likely. It will depend on whether or not you were adjudicated guilty on one of your prior charges. Usually a...
A friend of mine had his drivers license suspended in Missouri. But lives in Louisiana. He wanted to purchase a vehicle he asked me if I would put the vehicle in my name till he could go to Missouri and straighten out his license in order to get a Louisiana license. I said I would but to go as soon as possible. He has had 3 DWI convictions and did 5 months in jail for the last. We went together purchased a vehicle the receipt went under my name, I also have the title, registration and the insurance all in my name. This is in the state of Louisiana . It cost 6500.00 He never went to Missouri to get his drivers license and was driving drunk all over town so I went with a police officer to get the truck worried I could get sued if he wrecked it. Can he take me to small claims court or other
The answer really depends on some missing facts. I would argue that he really doesn't have a claim to the car, itself,...
I got arrested for a dwi back in June and my license was suspended in October now I can get a hardship license for 3 weeks and pay 125 for it or just wait until January 29 until I can get my regular license back. My question is, if I wait to get my regular license do I have to use a SR22 form to get them? Oh, and I have only had my arraignment for my charges. It's a strong possibility my lawyer is going to keep pushing back my case
You need to contact an attorney in LA, but, the DMV can require you to jump through hoops like SR22 insurance policies....
What will happen when my 2 years is up I've done my anger management classes and I pay and see my po every month on time
Get your GED. I would not think your jail time or anger management classes will prevent this at all. Good luck to you.
My father was in a car accident after consuming alcohol at a casino and the toxicology report stated he was 3 times over the limit. After researching the state of a person that is 3 times over the limit, I am very confused as to why they allowed my father to leave and drive away in that state. I need to know if this is negligence on their part or should I just let it go.
The casino is not responsible for your father's driving while intoxicated in Louisiana.
I was arrested for misdemeanor DUI. I bonded out. I was arrested before my arraignment for separate felonies. I was in jail for two years before I took a plea on the felony. I never attended ANY court proceeding related to the DUI and the DUI was NEVER mentioned or on any paperwork. I plead guilty to the DUI at the felony plea. Would I have grounds to appeal the DUI plea on the grounds of ineffective counsel because he said there was nothing that could be done? MY research is showing they went over many many times limits, but I am no lawyer and would like the opinion of one because I am sure it is not as simple as I believe it is-or else everyone would be lawyers.
The time limits usually apply to 1) time from offense when they have to bring the charge, and you were charged so that...
I got a DUI when I was visiting my girlfriend at college in Illinois for Halloween. Will my Louisiana license get taken away or suspended?
I would try contacting an attorney in LA to ask this question. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab here on AVVO to...