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Do I have to tell an job application that i have a owi? It only asked if I have ever had a dui or dwi? I live in Indiana.
I am apply for UPS delivery driver and the application ask "Have you ever had a dui/dwi in the past 3 years? I wasn't convicted of either, I was convicted of owi. They never caught me driving the vehicle, they caught me after the fact but i admitted to driving the vehicle. I am wondering if i have to tell answer yes or no on that question.
You don't think they will run a background check of you especially with the DMV given you are applying as a driver?
How can I complete an Illinois DUI Program in Indiana?
I received a DWI in Illinois and need to complete a Level 2 Significant Program in Indiana. This consists of 10 hours of Remedial Education followed by 20 hours of group or individual counseling. I really want to get this started as soon as possible and do as much as I can online if at all possible. Where can I do this in the state of Indiana?
If this is for the Secretary of State, you can do the ten hours online at TomWilsoncounseling.com. If for the courts...
Can an officer take a safe out of a vehicle with a dwi?
My boyfriend got a dwi with my safe in the vehicle. The vehicle is not titled to him, it is titled to my father. However my safe was in the cab of the vehicle containing my unregistered gun and he is a felon but had no knowledge of the gun being in the safe or the safe being in the car. The safe is currently in police custody and i have money in it as well. Are they legally allowed to take it being as he had no key to get in the safe, no way to take anything out or put anything in it? They are going off probable cause since they found a bullet and a holster in the car as well.
The search of the car was most likely what most will refer to as incident to arrest. There are many theories and very...
I passed a field sobriety test but a subsequent breathalyzer did not register a proper reading and I was called uncooperative.
I was stopped after being accused of backing up into a car at a stop sign. Police administered a field sobriety test which I passed. They arrested me anyway, took me to the station, where a Breathalyzer test was unsuccessful after many attempts. I was doing exactly what they asked and yet they determined that I was being "Uncooperative". I had valid license, insurance and absolutely no priors. Yet, my license was subsequently suspended for one year without even having a court date yet. This has got to be a violation of my rights. They have no proof and it is their word against mine. Who wins in a situation like that? Me, the little guy? What can I do to get my license back since I cannot work without a car and my wife cannot drive me without missing her work and she is the main income earner.
As a former prosecutor and someone who has been doing criminal defense work for 20 years I can tell you you have no...
Why does a first time of fencer get more than the others in the car that was pulled were already in system because other choices
Car pulled over because of light out on license . Was three that had been in trouble before so the state police searched car. Found drugs and items to do it with. So the driver was charged with possession of drug and other and something of a common nonsense. Everyone is out but the one that was driving she was charged with everything because no one else said it was theirs. Three has been out for over two weeks now and she does not have trial til oct. why is this happening. Cause one has copped to the drug and still got out. Was told they can not double charge a charge. So her should be lowered. Attorney has talked to her once. Would like her out with nothing cause she was driving she seems to be getting it the worst . What can be done to get this off record. Cause continues to say not guilty was the other ppls. Just would like a clean slate. But if happens again that means stupid
Hard to answer with facts given. All cases are very fact specific. Why has she not bonded out? All good question for...
Does my probation officer have to tell me if I fail a drug test?
I was arrested on felony theft pled guilty and put down to a misdemeanor theft with a year probation and off my record once completed my probation can be completed early once my class, I only and my fine is paid which both are done. I have never been in trouble before this will be my third test in 3 months my first test was a day I got my sentence I had a random drug test after my first CEO meeting which was 3 weeks ago and then again tomorrow I'm waiting to complete the community service and then I will be finished I just don't know how this works does she have to tell me if I failed any of my drug test so far or can she keep it to herself and the courts I just don't want to be arrested.
Your probation officer doesn't have to tell you that you failed a drug test before filing a petition to revoke. If she...
My boyfriend blew a 1.4..he's not say much how drunk is that? They told him He need a lawyer too. .
He was driving with out a valid driver's license and got caught over the holiday weekend driving drunk
He must hire a lawyer. The court will not let him resolve without an attorney. If he posted a bond he may be able to...