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Non compliance for a dui
I'm on usupervized probation and got a non complance letter today due to failing a breathalizer. Wasn't drinking the night before. But did use mouth wash and took cold medicine right before the class.. what's going to happen..
Duplicate post. Answers remain the same.
If I am on unsupervised probation for a dui and I am not allowed to be at a bar or to drink alcohol ?
I was seen at a bar but wasn't talked to or charged can I get into trouble? Also I was talked to by a cop but he didn't charge me can I still get into trouble?
The police officer would not likely issue a ticket at the time because, unless you are under age, being in a bar is not...
Can I get a suspended imposition on a fourth Dui in wyoming?
Am facing felony charge. Can I get a suspended imposition
You need to consult with and hire a criminal defense attorney. This is a serious charge with serious repercussions....
How would I get a suspended imposition on a fourth dui?
I received a fourth dui within 10 years. I am facing a felony charge. Do I plead not guilty?
Yes, unless you like the idea of going to prison, you hire a good criminal defense attorney (ask for one to be...
Can I be charged with possession if my fingerprints are found on perifinalia in an old residence?
Let's say I moved out of a residence recently, and had left drug related objects in a spot that wasn't found until months later when renovations we're being done?
First, I doubt the police are going to try to obtain fingerprints on a pipe or a bong. I do not think you have...
Can i get a deferral on my second dui if i did not use a deferral on my first?
i have a cdl got pulled over in my personal vehicle.
It is unlikely you will be given a break on a second offense. Contact a criminal defense attorney to try to protect...
Got court tomorrow how can I ask for dismissal, charged 2nd offense driving without interlock got Dmv proof never have done it ?
Got Dmv proof never been charged with that and it was in my company vehicle, self employed but have proof it's in my personal car as well. Was grandfathered into new dui law in first place last dui in 2010 a month away from getting it out they said changed law says lifetime interlock, really getting skewed around from the courts
I'm sorry to here about your frustrating situation. You should contact a DUI attorney to advise you of your rights. I...