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What can be done if I was charged with a dui 8 years ago? I went to court but the officer didn't show up.
I was charged with a dui 8 years ago went to court, officer didnt show up. Never went back to court, but now I'm trying to get a correctional job it came back up.
Law enforcement will always be able to see that you have been previously arrested, even if the case has been dismissed.
What is the statue of limitation on a dui charge in georgia
and can i be charged with dui while on private property not driving. i pulled into my drive way after a christmas party last year and bumped my neighbors cousin vehichle she called the police but i just sat in my car and it was not running.
The statute of limitations is two years. Yes, you can be charged with DUI on private property.
Can you use the 1st offender act with atmp armed robbery and burglary charges plus while on bond i caught a underage dui
all charges were accused in laurens county do you think I can get a rap up deal on all three charges with no time jail or prison time
If you do not have any prior felony convictions on your record, and you have not use it before, then you can request...
Getting interlock waived for financial hardship in GA?
I had a DWI and DUI very close together after the death of my mother. First was in September 2009 and I was weaving and they took me in for blood test and I had xanax in system. Second was a suicide attempt in March 2010 and i drove my car into concrete that one was a DUI. I pled guilty to both to get it over with and move on with my life. Just got off probation, completed ALL requirements but bc I wrecked my car 3 years ago I have nothing to put interlock on. I now am on disability and only get $1,000 a month and have 3 kids. My life is better now but hard to take care of kids without being able to drive. Have been mentally stable and sober for over 2 years. Can the interlock be waived so I can get my license back and drive other peoples' car?
Contact your attorney to discuss this as they will be in the best position to assist you. If you do not have an...
What is the statue of limitation in Georgia for a DUI how does it apply when it was received in November of 2010?
Plead not guilty to a DUI charge when I went to court in Feb 2011 and was told that I would be contacted for a court date. Havent went back to court but my license are still suspended. What it the time frame for me to go to court?
ou need to ask better questions or have abetter lawyer. You should have your license back by now.Something is wrong!...
How do I with draw a dui pled?
In may of 2017, I was charge with dui and failed to report accident. I didn't do any of it. Someone who I let borrow my car did everything. I got a call from him and he said he got into a accident. So I went to the car and the police came . The police assume I hit something and was drinking. I took the fall for it but the police did a walk test but did not do the breath test. He automatic charge me with dui and failed to report accident. Once I got to the police station I took a blood test. I know I was not drinking or smoking. I didn't have anything in my system. I pled guilty because I did not want stay in jail. I wanted to know is there anyway that I can withdraw my pled and innocent. Because I wasn't drinking or tell them it was someone else. I don't know what to do. Just wanna clear my name.
You are more than foolish if you plead guilty and now, after the fact, you want to change your plea. Tell me, why...
Should I disclose my DUI arrest to the licensing board?
Recently I got a DUI. I have never been arrested for anything in my life. Never been in trouble either. The case is still pending. My OTR license is up for renewal in less than a year. Should I disclose this arrest to the licensing board or wait for the case to be closed? Will my license be denied?
You need to look at the license renewal application. What does it say? Some applications require you to reaffirm that...