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What is the most painless place to do SWAP in Alameda County
I was wondering what agency is the best to do SWAP in Alameda county
I do not practice in Alameda County and I'm not clear what you mean by "painless." Use the "Find a Lawyer" icon on...
How can I find out how many dui I have on my record
Got another dui to nights ago and it could be my 5th one in ten yrs is that prison time with a lawyer and how much would it coast me to stay out with a lawyer but all other dui are out of state and this is my first one in california
You need to hire an attorney. The DA's office will run a full background on you and probably enhance you with your priors.
I have a texas suspended license and live in California no dui only an unpaid 52 dollar fine . how do I get a California license
I paid the fine but I live in California. Can I get a license in California
Reinstate your Texas license or get proof from Texas that your license isn't suspended. Provide the information to the...
My husband is Active Duty Military. And got his 3 DUI within 10years last one resulted in a wreak. BAl double limit.
My question is he has 2 within the 10year limit here in California and one in Minissota. Does the one in Minissota count in California. And is he going to face jail time? He has never been to jail previously. He got asseset by army and is going into a 28 day treatment program pending court. But if he goes to jail his career is ended. He has a letter of recommendation from the army due to his PTSD. We have heard that One out of state will not count . But if it does what is the max penalty in Alemeda county?And if it does not and it is 2 DUI what is the Max Penlty? And is jail time a fursure thing no matter what? His court date is soon and will they take him from his arraignment?Or give him time to get us moved first? If he gooes jail we must move . We heard Alemeda county is strict.
This is not a military law question (which relates to charges being brought by the military) but rather a question for...
Cop said it was too late
Chp arrested me for dui he took me to county jail and handed me over to sheriff .. Sheriff attempted to give me breath test I told him I had asthma and I would do blood test 5 mins later I said I changed my mind and rather do breath sheriff said it was to late and I gave blood sample ... Was it to late was he the sheriff rite. Bac came out .06
Need more info to answer this question. Did the cops mark you as a refusal or not . The good Jews is that your back...
Now that I am done with DUI school how do I get my license back?
I got my first and only DUI almost exactly 2 years ago as a minor (20 y/o) and I blew a .20. I have completed the 9 month class, paid the court's fine, and I would like to get my license back. I do live in Alameda county but I do not have a personal vehicle.
Was your DUi in Alameda? If so, you may have to install an IID in your car. You will also have to get SR22 insurance,...
I need to file I-751 in march 2012, but have a case pending with a possible charge of dui. How should I go about it?
I entered the US in June 2010 on a marriage based green card for which I will be needing to adjust status in March 2012. Unfortunately I was stopped by law enforcement in August 2011 for an incorrect left turn (no accident, speeding or aggravating factors - did not enter left turning lane completely) and was eventually charged with being above the legal limit of BAC. I have not yet been convicted but the case should be concluding by early 2012. Assuming I am found guilty and receive a reduced sentence (no jail time but community service etc.) what is the best course of action to file the I-751? I have no other convictions, infarctions or judgement's against me in the US or any other country.
A DUI conviction should not affect your application. However, this will depend on the nature of the plea. It sounds...