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Do I have to have an alcohol intoxalock installed in my car without the judges signature on the court order? Tell me what to do?
I was arrested and charged with my 2nd DWI but refused to take the breath test. so the 1st judge court ordered me to install this box in my car. The 2nd judge said that the 1st judge didn't sign it at the time it was ordered which was in December. Plus I haven't been arraigned as of yet.
Talk to your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, hire one. I am not clear if the second judge's comment...
My husband is in jail for DUI. I went and picked up our car. Can he get it back when released
He's a pill user and alcoholic He is a convicted felon
You may need to add some information to this question. If you have the car, then it sounds like he can have access to...
I have a restraining order against my husband. Both our names is on our car. He got a DUI. I picked it up. Can he get it back?
He has 2 DUI , alcoholic and pill user
This is a family law question since you both own the car. Sorry, didn't understand the question.
Will my husband be charged with second offense DWI?
My husband was recently arrested for DWI. He has a previous conviction from 2006 but he used his article 894 to expunge the matter from his record. I was wondering if he will be charged with second offense DWI even though he had the last matter expunged? If so, what are the consequences he is looking at?
If the case has truly been 'expunged' then this will likely result in a first offense charge. That doesn't mean that...
Can I still be charged with a DUI?
What shoud i do if I was involved in an auto accident in which I slid of the road when missing a turn in Louisiana visiting family...noone else was involved....I had a few beers before the accident so the responding officer asked me to perform tests which I declined...I had been shaken up because my car rolled completely over....I was taken to the er but was never booked and was given a ticket that only shows failure to control my vehicle. ..after medical treatment I was released from the hospital and allowed to go home and was told I'd be notified of a court date...he also confiscated my license / ID....what should I expect and can I still be charged with DUI with no booking...I have no tickets whatsoever on my license. .
Probably not, but you need to hire a private criminal defense attorney.
Can you be arrested at your home and given a DWI?
I was involved in a minor fender bender with no injuries the car I bumped had minor scratch and she waved that it was ok. I came home and had 3 drinks. After 30 -45 minutes a knock at my door proved to be police who said I was arrested for hit and run. Went to police station and officer ask if I had been drinking. I said yeah, what s wrong w that? The hit and run was cleared up but he gave me citation for DWI. He has on police report I was arrested however I was not fingerprinted, no mug shot. A friend picked me up after an hour. That s how long I spent at police station. I consented to breath test which reflected I had been drinking. Can they do that?
This is not unheard of, unfortunately. The most reliable way to fight it is to hire an attorney, who should file a...
If I am filming in Louisiana and there are cars around, do I have to blur out all of the license plates if I use that footage?
I am filming in a parking area while speaking to some people. Do I have to blur the license plates that might be visible before I air it?
If you are a filmmaker, you should retain an attorney to answer business questions like this about the law. This is not...