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Recently charged with "Driving on a suspended" license. Will I have to take VASAP again?!
Charged with driving while suspended(1st offense). I completed VASAP some years ago but still have to have a physical fitness exam and an eye test and pay reinstatement fees. Will I have to take VASAP classes again?
If you are convicted of 46.2-300 or 46.2-301, the answer is no. If you are charged with 18.2-272 and convicted of this,...
Dui dwi are they a limit on dwi prescription meds clonazepam and sobxone that they cant charge you for dwi .
officer pulling you over for your out date tags and then charge me with dwi I wasn't on any non perscription drugs.and never had over the amount of my prescription in me 1mg only took 1/2 clonazepam in my system before I drove my car I also just movied here and had Kentucky tags this is in the state of pennington gap va. I was pulled over and to my judgement I wasn't impired. and i belive my blood work will show I was not over medicated. and never been in trouble before. the officer stated you couldn't drive on that prescription med I didn't know of such laws if you didn't take over the amount you are perscriped and I know it was under the amount. and know other drugs present in my system.I do how nervous panic attack even at home but in pubic sometimes gets worst on me .
You need to hire a local DUI attorney asap. Drug DUI cases get very complex and you will not be able to get a...
Just been put on supervised probation and quit smoking marijuana will i get violated if fail first drug test?
just been put on supervised probation and quit smoking marijuana will i get violated if i fail first drug test?
Technically, yes. You should come clean with your probation officer right away so they know what to expect to see in a...
I had a DWI conviction on a plea deal in prince William county in 2012 and fulfilled the sentence
My job at risk my reputation is questioned. Is there I way I can still fight it knowing that the officer stopped for stopping at a green light wanting to turn but changed my mind, there was no video recordings on a dashboard to release by police.he mentioned I was straddling lanes which never happened, my friend as a passanger witnessed it. No accidents no injuries happened
No. You pled guilty. The time to worry about your reputation was before trial when considering the plea agreement and jail.
I was arrested for a DUI. Will they drug test me for anything on my court date?
It was obvious I was intoxicated, but there were no other substances in my car. I have smoked weed recently and my court date is coming up soon. I am worried that I will get drug tested and they will find marijuana in my urine on my court date.
Each jurisdiction has their own set of rules for something like this. The court on a dui charge, if convicted, would...
I have a warrant out for my arrest for failure to appear, what should I do?
The lady from asap told me I did not have to attend the court date. I'm a bit confused about what to do.
The lady from ASAP isn't the judge who decides whether you have to be there or not, so listening to her isn't the smart...
I have a D.U.I in another state. and a warrant for FTA. What do I do?
I had a lawyer help reduce the charges but after we agreed to the plea I never heard back. And now I have the warrant for fta. but I'm not getting any info from the court or my old lawyer. I have no idea where to begin or what to do
Did you pay the lawyer? Continue trying to contact the lawyer you think you hired or retain another attorney who...