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Does a DUI I NJ carry to PA
I was charged with a DUI inNew Jersey. I had 2 previous DUI's in PA. One was ARD. I am also on probation for a simple assault in PA. How does it work State to State ?
It will sadly carry over to you in your home state.
Will someone be eligible for house arrest if they received a 2nd dui with the highest bac plus driving on dui suspended licence
a friend of mine obtained their 2nd dui within 10 years, they have been charged with highest bac as well as driving on a dui suspended liscence and reckless, carless driving, general impairment, also they hit another vehicle, trying to find out how likely there are to house arrest they still owe thousands for first dui
Under the law, 2nd offenses are eligible for intermediate punishment such as House Arrest. Ultimately, the question of...
My case has been opened for weeks now she hasn't shown up in 2 weeks does that mean its closed or do I get a letter???
People called on me for xanax abuse which I don't even take I took several drug test and past
I don't know who she is and so this question is confusing. Fight the case and hire a lawyer.
First time offense, and a was given one year for refusal AND one year for a DUI. Is the Refusal the automatic one year?
Co worker who I now give a ride to everyday had his license suspended for an event in which he refused the chemical test. Was given 1 year by DMV for the refusal. The court found him guilty for DUI and was given another year suspension. Seems a little harsh to get a 2 year suspension for first time. Stupid to refuse I know, but nevertheless that is what happened . I thought the Refusal is the DUI? Can a letter to the court help, he says he can't afford a lawyer too busy paying fees and fines of $2500.
A refusal to the blood test does trigger a civil, administrative suspension from PennDOT that is 1 year for the first...
It is possible to win appeal if i was to appeal
my 18 month license suspension is going to be starting july 22 cause of a dui 2nd offense it says on my paper i can appeal is it possible to win an appeal if i appeal.
Is it possible? Yes. What is the basis for your appeal?
What to do when cops come to your party ?
I'm having a graduation party at my house tomorrow night because I graduated from college. I'm on probation for a DUI a couple years ago so I won't be drinking but my friends will be. The party is going to be outside and I already covered it with my neighbors letting them know I was having one. Everyone will be 21 that's drinking. But can the cops just come inside my gate into my yard? What do I do or say if I do encounter the cops tomorrow ? Do I let them check ids or tell them everything is fine and we'll be more quiet and go in the house. I just want to be prepared.
You are very brave to throw such a party while on probation for a substance abuse issue. Especially knowing that for...
DUI Refusal License Suspension
Hello. I got a First time DUI in May 2015. I refused the chemical test so that suspended my license for a year. My license got suspended for the DUI before my court case. I had my disposition on Tuesday and the judge said 12 month license suspension is that an additional year suspension on top of the suspension I've been serving since July for the refusal. Which would really make it a 2 year suspension. MY public defender said it's not an addition year. But the Penn Dott website said I am suspended a year for a Refusal and a year for DUI general impairment 1st offense. The case is over and the public defender is now discharged.
In almost all circumstances it is a subsequent suspension. Your intuition is correct. If you were suspended for the...