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Ard and immigration consequences
I hv been selected for ard program in delaware county pa,for non duI case.my question is do we hv to admit crime during signingl the contract of ard.because I hv to renew my visa and I want to know about consequences of ard on my visa renewal process
Once you are convicted of a DUI your chances of visa renewal will be adversely affected.
What can I do about my aunt going to nursing home drunk and force feeding my mother
wMy mom has alzhimers and my aunt goes to vist drunk and force feeds her gaging her with spoon and upseting her my aunt gives the workers at home money so they don't say anything to her
Contact the office of the prosecutor in the jurisdiction where your mother resides.
On citizenship form, I need to answer Q. 21, part 10. I had a DUI in 99 (ARD) and one in 2005, 90 day house arrest completed .
What should I answer to the" have I ever been in jail "question ? I was held 1 night the 1st DUI, and was in a correctional facility for a few days while I changed addresses to complete my 90 day house arrest in 2006. I was never sentenced to jail, but technically, these two things occurred. Thank you for your help.
As far as the criminal justiice system is concerned the 90 day house arrest is incarceration, so the answer would be...
Can Judge change my husbands DUI from 1st offense to 4th offense
My husband was pulled over last week and when I reviewed his charges on the Court Case Information online, I see he was charged with DUI (1st Offense) and 5 others...Well technically this is his 4th offense. He was found guilty on all previous DUI (3 of them in the past 10-15 years).My question is Can the judge/pa legally change his DUI charge from 1st to 4th Offense
First you want to make sure your husband talks with and hires a qualified DUI attorney in this County. Many times when...
Can a court suspend my license 9 years after it was supposed to be submitted for suspension
In 2004 I was convicted of possession with intent to deliver and it came with a 6-month suspension for my license the court clerk and the people who submit the paperwork for my suspension to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation never submitted it and when they found their mistake 9 years later now they want to suspend my license for 6 months when I already had served that suspension cuz I haven't driven for 8 years can they do that.? And if they can not do that what can I do to fight it
Unfortunately your best option is to contact PennDOT and ensure the suspension begins immediately and wait out the 6...
I received a 0.2 BAC DUI in VA but will have a PA license before trial. Will PA also suspend my license if VA finds me guilty?
My trial for the DUI charge will likely be in February, but I move to Philadelphia in January. Virginia DUI laws are some of the strictest, likely guaranteeing 5 days jail and 1 year license suspension. I'm curious if they will forward the charge and I will also face trial and/or similar charges in PA.
Criminal charges are tried in the county and state where the criminal offense is alleged to have occurred.
Do I have to disclose an expunged DUI to the police academy.
Five years ago (age 18) I got a DUI and was placed in an ARD program. After everything was complete I paid to have everything expunged. On the last page of the expungement package it states that all official fingerprints, records, and pictures will be destroyed. In May I am graduating with a bachelors degree and would like to apply to a police academy. With everything being destroyed do I legally have to ever disclose the DUI happen?
Ask yourself what would happen if someone did not disclose the crime and it was later discovered somehow? If you think...