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Will the statute of limitations on a Dui in kentucky apply to my situation?
I have a jury trial for an aggravated DUI scheduled for the 5th of Feb. My lawyer quit yesterday. It will be a year March 3rd since I was charged. If I don't get this resolved by then will they have to drop the charges do to the statute of limitations?
Statute of limitations would not apply in your case as you have already been charged. SOL is the time limits...
Do the police have to observe u 20 mins before they give u a breathalyzer test or is just in effect at the jail.
When I got pulled over the officer had me do field sobriety tests and breathalyzer. I have acid reflux and it was acting up. He did not observe me for 20 mins. I don't think the jail did either but I can't prove that because their video was not working that night. The only thing the officer had on me is that breathalyzer he has already stated I wasn't speeding, I swerved once but did not leave my side of the road.
Yes--the person performing the breathalyzer (whether at the jail or your arresting officer)...must observe you for 20...
Why would someone be aloud to have 3 pretrial conferences in a DUI case in KY involving drugs?
Our sons mother, whom might I add stays in trouble with the law, was arrested for driving under the influence in KY after wrecking her vehicle. She was arrested on drug use according to the citation. Her pretrial conference has been scheduled 3 times but we do not know details. She abuses prescription medications so we are wondering if maybe she is pleading not guilty and they are giving her time to come up with the scripts. I'm just curious how many times Greenville, KY will give her and if convicted what might happen because we are in a custody battle in TN and have a trial where she is facing up to 70 days jail time for contempt and we are fighting to gain primary custody of the child. We have an attorney here in tn but not sure what the rules are in KY as far as the DUI.
The number of pretrial conferences in a case vary based on a numerous factors. It may be that they are waiting of the...
My boyfriend got a dui for smoking marijuana ?
He also got failure to wear seatbelt, careless driving and improper turning . What should we expext to happen in court ? He was taken to jail an was not read his rights , also he was given a breathalyzer test that the cop said was 0.08 but he didn't have a drink of anything an the cop didn't report that he did the breathalyzer test
The officer does not have to read him his rights at the very moment he is being arrested. That only happens on...
I didn`t for an emergency vehicle and now I have to go to court. will I lose my license or go to jail??
btw. this is in Kentucky. not stopping for an emergency vehicle is a major offense
Failure to give the right of way to an emergency vehicle is a class B misdemeanor in Kentucky, which means you can be...
What to do when a medical clinic and laboratory conspires against me?
I was suspicious of drug test results at my substance abuse clinic as I do not use anything other than the prescribed treatment medication. I used my 8 year old child's urine as a test and it showed up with an extremely dangerous drug which I have never had in my home. It is like the lab doesn't even test the sample they just generate a random report.
If your are providing urine samples as part of a criminal case, you should consult your attorney. If this does not...
HHow do u get a public intoxication with out any sobriety test breathalyzer urine test hair test or any test?
Jogging down road.stoped and cuffed and thrown in back of cop car
Could be by visual observation of the officer. The other tests you mention are mainly when someone is operating a...