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Arrested for DUI while sleeping- no keys in truck, and stuck in a snowbank
My friend left my house after dinner around 10pm sober. Cops arrested him at 1:30am while he was sleeping in his truck. It got stuck in a snowbank there were no keys in it and it was not running. They woke him out of a dead sleep so he was charged with resisting as he didn't know what was happening. Some people are like that when woken up suddenly.The cops came to my house to make sure I had his son, which I did and they told me the truck wasnt going anywhere, it was too stuck but out of the way of traffic and potential emergency vehicles. They said I could try and pull it out in the morning. We live in a very small mtn community up a dirt forrest access road. He already lost his license at dmv, is there a chance he could get it back after trial? Can they charge with DUI? BAC refused
He can not get his license back after trial. He can be charged with DUI. He does have defenses.
How can I handle a dui charge from 2001 I got when I was 16 in Colorado?
I currently reside in Texas. I was not driving but was stupid enough to switch places with the driver since he had warrants and no license.
You should consult with Colorado-licensed criminal defense counsel to determine whether your conviction may be sealed....
Colorado resident Utah dui?
My boyfriend got a dui in Utah in 2011 it was for possession of marijuana and a metabolite conviction. It was never dealt with and there was warrant. In Sept of 2016 he got another dui here in colorado. We were trying to clear up Utah and do the right thing so he called the utah court in November 2016, paid the fine and pleaded guilty....ugh. we didn't know that's what was happening until the letters started coming. Now I think we have added another dui to his record from doing this and he's now eligible for a restricted license in colorado but just found out Utah has a hold on it, one letter says for 120 days effective 12-1-2016. The second letter says 6 months effective 12-1-2016. When we call the Utah dmv they keep saying he can't do anything until 6-1-2017......how does that equal 120 days or 6 months?? What a nightmare. Thank you for your help
I know you reached out because you are trying to get some assistance for your boyfriend. Your boyfriend needs to get...
What are my privacy rights as it pertains to a vehicle with Intoxalock? I didn't get the DUI. Camera Images and data?
I met a person after they had a DUI and they just had this device installed in their car. I drive most of the time and I feel I should be exempt from having to use this device that sends data and images. If they drive of course I understand why they should have to submit a test. ( Not while driving though ) Additionally, there are laws regarding texting or using a phone while driving how is that this device can ask for a rolling test while driving down the highway? The product complaints for this company and device are very troubling however my right to privacy are paramount. I take my freedoms and liberty more serious than most. Of course I don't want someone on the road who has been drinking but there is a huge hole in this law. To take away privacy rights and liberties of family and friends who have nothing to do with someone else offense needs addressing. What can I do?
Don't drive that person's car. The person who owns that car is required to have the interlock device. Nothing forces...
Will a DUI hold up if I blew a .000?
I blew a .000 after being hospitalized when I hit a wall in Colorado. I was sent to jail where they woke my up every hour because I had a concussion. I had my boyfriends pill bottle with his and my pills in it (I will come back negative for his pills). I was charged with 4 misdemeanors. 1. DUI 2. No proof of insurance (I have insurance was just on vacation in Colorado from Washington and forgot my Proof of Insurance card. 3. Wreckless driving 4. Possession of controlled substance (his pills) Since I had a concussion and blew a .000 will the field sobriety test hold up? He did the "follow my pen with your eyes" and asked me to count backward from 75-68 and I went to 65 and then remembered he said 68. I had a CONCUSSION! I don't remember a lot of what he was asking me. I was hit in the face with two airbags (I was reaching down). I took one Xanex at 11 pm and the crash was at 4 am. I also consented to a blood draw which I am sure will come back negative. Can I get a DUI for the one xanex? Can I get the DUI throw out when the blood test comes back negative? Can I get the misdemeanor thrown out for his pills when my blood doesn't show I took them?
You are asking all of the right questions, but no attorney can answer those questions for you in this forum. It would...
If the DMV does not schedule a hearing after the 60 day period do they have to drop your case?
I got a DUI 7 months ago during the first 90 days leading up to my court case I never heard from the DMV so I called the DMV and the first person I talked to said they had to drop my case because they didn't schedule the hearing with 60 days. I called to confirm and the person couldn't find a DUI charge on my record so they couldn't help me. I went to the DMV and got my license re-instated with no issues. I just want to confirm that my DUI case was dropped due to the DMV not getting back to me with the date of hearing within that 60 day time period since nobody at the DMV can seem to give me a legitimate answer or proof. Thanks.
This sounds more like the police never sent the information to the DMV for them to revoke your license. As crazy as it...
How would a person find out the results of being tried in Absentia
I was stationed in shape Belgium in 1987 and was tried in Absentia 1988 well as far as I know I have never ever learned the outcome whether I was ever tried or not but I was put out of the Army in 1988 of August for illegal drugs which none was ever found or I never failed a piss test ever
I would want a little more information before I can respond to your specific inquiry. Are you saying you were in the...