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No ticket in Missouri 1983 they want me to go to DUI class I live in Oregon they won't give me DUI class could never have one
Got ticket in Missouri 83 I want me to go DUI class I live in Oregon they won't give me do you like I never had one what can done
Confusing question. The best thing to do is to speak with a dui attorney.
How do I postpone arraignment for dui and possession of control substance. Can insurance get my car?
I was pulled over in Sutherlin or and charged with a dui after needles with drug residue were found in a search of my car . I have a arraignment on the 10th coming up which I am not at all ready for. I still need to get my car from impound . How can I postpone mine and my girlfriends arraignment? I'm still trying to get money together for an attorney. Can I pay a small fee to have an attorney change the date or do it myself?
For arraignments on misdemeanors, Oregon law provides, “When the accusatory instrument charges a crime punishable as a...
I refused a Breathalyzer ,but 15 minutes later same machine took one that gave me a .03 blood alcohol can i use this in court?
i was pulled over for swerving when i wasnt. asked for a blood test and officer refused me. no vidioe in police or station. blew a .03 after refusal and was released into own custody to drive myself home
So, wait, you un-refused? You should consider hiring an attorney to present your case, because 0.03 is certainly...
If i do not have equal pupil size can an officer administer the hgn test in Oregon?
Yes. If you were subsequently charged with a crime, you could try to show that the test was invalid due to your unique...
My first dui in oregon was in 2003 i just got another in 2014 what are usual penalties
i also got a recklessly endangering citation on current
The penalties can vary depending on what county this occurred in and whether your first DUII arrest resulted in a DUII...
I was very very intoxicated and filed a false police report on domestic partner I had blackouts but know he didn't hit me.
He was arrested after I have been calling the arresting officer for 5 days to confess to making a false report while being very, very intoxicated. My domestic partner was arrested on felony assault IV charges. What do I do now? The police say I'm recanting to protect my partner but that isn't true. He does have priors in the past for hitting me but he hasn't hit me in over 5 years and I'm certain he didn't hit me this time because he wasn't here when it happened. I was very very drunk and when I came to (I knocked myself out when I fell) & seen my face in the mirror, I drunkenly assumed he hit me. What do I do now? He is innocent of this crime; I'm the guilty party for filing a false police report; I barely remember calling the police & I don't remember what I said to the officers
What you should do is not post anymore details about this online, and call an attorney to speak with them privately and...
I was arrested for DUI (alcohol) an am in diversion, will i fail diversion if i fail a urine test for marijuana?
this is my first offence.
Yes, you may, but you don't have to. Your diversion agreement likely said you agree to not consume or possess alcohol...