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What kind time is he looking at
My husband was driving on revoke license while under the influence crash the truck and received two class 2 felony DUIs what's next
What should be next is hiring a top notch DUI defense lawyer. At this point they is far too little information and far...
How is approximate final cost for a DUI attorney for a first offense for a 19 year old?
First DUI offense sat night for a 19 year old. He lives in his car because he has a lawn care business and works a second job. He is also a student. He lives at home so he drives back and forth to school. He obviously lives in his car.
Lawyers and law offices set their own fees. You will have to call around and ask. Spending a lot of time in a car...
How can I fight this
I got a dui for marijuana in my system when I wasn't high, 1 week later marijuana was decriminalized. How can I fight this in court?
Decriminalization is a separate issue from the five nanogram law passed for dui. Hire a lawyer who practices DUI law there.
Is he legally allowed to kick me out because of my inability to pay/work schedule conflict?
I received a DUI in January 2015. I was cited for my registration light being out and the officer said he smelt alcohol. I refused to blow so he had me do a field sobriety test. I failed and was taken into custody where a blew a .116. The court ordered supervision for 24 months, completion of a victim impact panel, a DUI evaluation with completion of recommended treatment, and all fines and fees paid in 2 years. When I got the evaluation done, the computer evaluated me as low risk but the director of the facility interviewed me and concluded that I was high risk. He asked me a few questions and every time I answered them he would change my answer just a little bit. I have been trying to attend the classes in order to fufill the 75 hours that they ordered me to do, but I am having a lot of financial issues and every class is $50. Not only that, but I work second shift and the classes are scheduled during the time that I work. Now the director is saying he is going to kick me out of the classes for resisting treatment. The reality is I'm not resisting, I go when I am financially able to and I don't have to work, but often time this is only once a month.
Yes, you can be removed from the program if you do not attend regularly for whatever reason. If you are having...
Will an outstanding DUI offence of 20 years ago prevent me from reentry to the US. Will this information remain on the system?
Hi, I am a UK citizen, now 43 years of age. I undertook my Bachelor degree in USA and while there 92-96 I received a DUI, lost my licence for 3 months and failed to pay the fine or do the program. Im returning to the US in 2016 with my family and Im worried I may be arrested at immigration?
Depending on the charge and status, you may have a warrant out for your arrest. I suggest you consult an attorney to...
I have two DUI convictions one in2006 and one in 2008. I plead guilty to them both in 2009. can I get CDL
The first I had a CDL but was not in a truck. The second I didn't have a CDL. I volunteered a breath test on both. Have done all my councilng.
Commercial DL? My understanding of the law, is that its a life long disqualification after 2 DUIs on the federal level.
Will i get my license taken away if I got an underage drinking ticket and had a speeding ticket previously?
I am 18 years old and in college. I got a speeding ticket a few months ago. Now recently i got a drinking ticket but was not driving. will i get my license taken away ?
Your license can be suspended because of the underage drinking ticket. Hire a lawyer to try to get the ticket amended...