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Can a governor pardon be given for a dui that happen 2 yrs ago?
Had a dui 2 yrs ago and I'm trying to get my DUI expunge plus I heard that if you get a pardon you can still serve jury duty. How long is the process to get expunge? Will employers realize I had a DUI after I expunge it?
Misdemeanor convictions don't have any impact on eligibility for jury service. A pardon seems unlikely.
Can a felony DUI be reduced to a misdemeanor after being convicted?
I was charge with a dui back in 2014 I plead guilty. Have paid all my fees and classes etc. I'm still under probation. Can I go back to court and request for my dui to be change as a misdemeanor? My blood alcohol level was 0.18 when I got caught. I have stayed out of trouble since.
As long as you were NOT sent to state prison or sentenced to "county prison" per penal code 1170(h), then yes, it can...
My husband got a dui he reveived an extension to sign up for a meetings his extension date was August 3rd now their is a warrant
If he goes to the court house will they grant him another extension he didn't sign up for it due to financial hardship
That's a good question for your husband to pose to his criminal defense lawyer or public defender assigned to his case....
I got terminated from a 18 month DUI program it's my 3rd time what would the judge tell me? Almost done think like 4 month left.
What can I do
This is your third termination? Or your third DUI? Either way - if could be anything from a simple reinstatement/re-...
I finish my dui program 18mounts and finish my anterlock device program to but i done helf off my commnuity service got 14day
done 8days it's. Be hard for me i work 6day's. a week i hope ill get an extension this will be my first time going to court in downey ca.
If you have a good reason for not completing the community service, and have done all the other things you were...
If I received a letter dismissing a DUI arrest does it come up in a Background check?
I was stopped at a DUI check point back in September 2013. I was given a Notice to Appear I was cited for CVC 23152(a). I did the breathalyzer test twice and the blood test. When I showed up to court 2 months after the incident I received a letter that nothing was filed against me. A few months after that I received another letter that my case was dismissed due to lack of evidence. Does any of this affect an employment opportunity?
Your case is considered a "turndown." This should not affect any employment opportunities you may have - as there was...
Convicted of DUI
I was convicted of DUI (b) count. Can I apply for restricted license through the DMV or does the 30 day suspension apply? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
If you were convicted of a first offense DUI and lost your administrative hearing you may get a restricted license...