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Will a DUI cause my citizenship application to be denied?
I got a DUI about 13 years ago. I spent one night in jail and had to do a 12 step program. I am not an alcoholic just made a mistake.
A single mIsdemeanor DUI conviction should not prevent you from becoming a citizen. Best of luck
What do I do after rear ending a car on an ongoing traffic street and then getting arrested for dui, driving a friends car?
i was released, i felt like it was the other person at fault since it was a dark street and she stopped without putting her emergency lights on. its been a month and now their family members show up at my house asking for my friends insurance policy number. it seems like their car was towed as well and its in the impound. do I need a lawyer aside from the one handling my criminal case? how do i deal with the other party. will we have to wait until the police report or court decides who's at fault?
Turn the matter over to your insurance and allow them to handle it.
I got a DUI in 2006 and just recently 2015 got convicted of a 2nd DUI. Is it possible to get custody of my 6 year old daughter?
We currently have 50/50 custody but the mother has psyhical custody.
Lawyers will definitely need more facts to analyze the case. If the child was in the car while the DUI occurred, the...
Can a governor pardon be given for a dui that happen 2 yrs ago?
Had a dui 2 yrs ago and I'm trying to get my DUI expunge plus I heard that if you get a pardon you can still serve jury duty. How long is the process to get expunge? Will employers realize I had a DUI after I expunge it?
Misdemeanor convictions don't have any impact on eligibility for jury service. A pardon seems unlikely.
Can a felony DUI be reduced to a misdemeanor after being convicted?
I was charge with a dui back in 2014 I plead guilty. Have paid all my fees and classes etc. I'm still under probation. Can I go back to court and request for my dui to be change as a misdemeanor? My blood alcohol level was 0.18 when I got caught. I have stayed out of trouble since.
As long as you were NOT sent to state prison or sentenced to "county prison" per penal code 1170(h), then yes, it can...
I got terminated from a 18 month DUI program it's my 3rd time what would the judge tell me? Almost done think like 4 month left.
What can I do
This is your third termination? Or your third DUI? Either way - if could be anything from a simple reinstatement/re-...
I finish my dui program 18mounts and finish my anterlock device program to but i done helf off my commnuity service got 14day
done 8days it's. Be hard for me i work 6day's. a week i hope ill get an extension this will be my first time going to court in downey ca.
If you have a good reason for not completing the community service, and have done all the other things you were...