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If they add a charge would I need to get rebooked? I was already booked for the DUI and made bond.
Okay so the other day I was arrested for a DUI. I just got out of work and my co-worker wanted to go out for a few drinks and after 3 beers we decided to go back to his place to hangout and finish his birthday celebration. On the way to his house I was pulled over for speeding and searched. They DID NOT breathalyze me and wanted to do a blood test, I refused and I am aware of the implied consent law. I can work with the DUI but what I am worried about is that I also had a vapor pen on me that was given as a gift for chirstmas I was told it was an e-pen but the officer stated the car smelled like Marijuana and took the epen to send it off to the crime lab. They did not charge me with anything for that but said they may at the court date.
You will not be rebooked if another charge is added to your already pending DUI case. You are only booked once per...
Will I be charged with a DUI?
I was pulled over and the officer asked if I'd been drinking. He asked me to get out of the car and he searched the vehicle. He said I was swerving and that I couldn't even stand up right. He never gave me any kind of sobriety test. He asked for my address and drove me home.
Based on the information that you put in your question, the answer is no. A person charged with a DUI is almost always (...
Does an online DUI school satisfy the county's requirements?
I received a DUI in Chattanooga but I live out of state. A condition of my plea bargain was to attend DUI school, so I would like to know if the county court accepts completion of an online DUI course. I've found several that offer a 12hr class, which I believe satisfies the state requirement. If so, what are the more reputable online services?
If you want to KNOW (caps intentional) "if the county court accepts completion of an online DUI course" then I suggest...
I got arrested for dui
They didn't put the right arresting county on all my paper work when I was arrested dose that matter
No, it doesn't matter, it's just a clerical error.
Can you get a dui off your record?
I received a dui in Tennessee. I had a Maryland cdl. I would like to get my cdl back. Can I get the dui charge sealed or expunged?
Highly unlikely even through expungement.
How likely is it to get a restricted license with a DUI conviction (instead of complete suspension)?
In September, a good friend of mine was pulled over for a broken tag light and then charged with a DUI. We have yet to get the BAC but I know he had a fair amount of alcohol in his system. He was supposed to start classes again at the community college in a couple weeks (he's been taking time off) but his court date is in late Februrary. I know they'll probably take away his license but how possible is it that the judge could suspend his license so he can still get to school and work?
In Tennessee, you can get a restricted license that will allow you to drive if you have an ignition interlock device...
What exactly is good time when your in jail and how does it work?
If someone was charged with 2nd dui and sentenced 70 days, the da said the 45 days is mandatory but after that he can get good time in county jail.what exactly does this mean?? He said the 45 days will be day for day but the other 25 can be good time? So how long will he accually be gone? I heard good time in county is 2 for 1..does this mean he can only do the 45 and an additional 12.5?? Please help need to know asap! Also so u have to ask for good time or how does tht work?
That means that he'll get good time work time credits which will ultimately reduce the sentence served. As for the...