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I had 2 duis 13 years ago and just got another. what am i looking at???
jail sentence, licence suspension?? and the amounts
The "lookback period" is 6 years so this is treated as a first OVI, but if you accumulate 6 within 20 years, that would...
Charged with Physical Control in the State of Ohio, seems to be issues with the paperwork. Would like your thoughts please.
Officer responded to a 3rd party call that I was in danger (another motorist saw my wife smack me while I was parked). Asked me where the marks on my face came from and I indicted my wife was overly drunk and after repeated attempts to get her seat belt on, she scratched me a few times. I was given the HGN test, walk test and then placed in the squad car. My spouse was unresponsive due to her BAC and was taken to the hospital. I was given a breathalyzer test then informed I was charged with physical control. I stayed overnight in lockup,released the next day with no paperwork. Later find out my the paperwork was in my spouses purse locked up in jail (she was charged with DV). None of my paperwork has my BAC and I havent been able to acquire an officers statement. Is this normal?
No, the situation that you've presented is not usual, though as you now know first hand, it does happen. The...
How does a DWI affect Canadian visa applications or sponsorship for a H1B worker with a Canadian partner?
I'm on a H1B and just happened to get a DUI last week. There was no damage to private property or otherwise but I have a pending court case. I would like to know implications for my ability to get a Canadian visa to visit my partner. We are wondering what the impact would be if we go ahead and get married as it would mean that we would be living separate for at least a year. I was told that the best way is to get a Temporary Resident Permit and Temporary Resident Visa. Would this affect my sponsorship if we go ahead with getting married in the next year. Can the DUI be turned to a misdemeanor or can it be pardoned as there was no damage to anyone. This is an unfortunate error as I crashed while backing the car to park and happened due to poor visibility.
Canadian or not - DWI/DUI are bad cases to have. Hire a good criminal attorney and see if there is a possibility of a...
Is it possible to get a DUI in Tenn and move to ohio
His wife kicked him out because she drinks all the time. He isn't and she's upset about that and has kicked him out of the house. He has friends and family in Ohio to help him finish whatever he needs to do. How do we go about doing this if it's possible?
Was he convicted of the OVI? If so, he needs to contact his probation officer as soon as possible and get his/her...
If you get a DUI in Tenn can you move to Ohio and continue with the rest in ohio
He was kicked out of his house in Clarksville Tenn, and has no where to go. He's got people here in Ohio that will help him with everything. We just need to know what to do..
He has to go back to Tennessee and handle the criminal matter. Ohio cannot deal with any offense that occurs in...
I just recently got a DUI on 1/24/17 my 3rd DUI was in may 2006 2nd 2004 and 1st was 1999. Went to court and plead not guilty.
In court they charged me as my4th can they do that? Even tho all my priors were over ten years ago and 3rd one was before the new DUI laws of 2007
There are two look back periods in Ohio. The first is six years the second is 20 years. You should have been charged as...
How long does police have to issue a ovi ticket?
I was going to work to my truck and was stopped reading my gps all the sudden a cop is behind me saying i was sleeping. I performed field sobriety twice and passed his breathalizer he still was not happy. He had my car towed took my wife and i to statiin made me pee in cup then said call and find a ride home. We called got a ride and 3 months later im being hunted to be served thia citation that i never received that night. What do i do? I have a class A cdl and its still valid. Wont be if i go looking for the police that are trying to serve me the ticket. They told my ex boss that picked me up that night that i failed for cocaine and xyanax.
The Statute of Limitations is 2 years on a misdemeanor, however, since you were arrested the other consideration is the...