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Dui question
My adult daughter had at least 3 dui's and many drug charges - was also caught driving on suspension. Presently does not reside with us in nj, been in and out of jail rehabs. Wants to return home to reside with family - I stated "no" because our nj insurance carrier along with other carriers clearly stated they would drop us if she resides with us (considered high risk) in nj. What is the law in nj regarding auto insurance and someone residing in your home that lost their license for 10 years and hasn't paid any restitution. Thank you
Insurance companies are allowed to set conditions for their policy holders. Your daughter is of such a high risk...
I live in NJ. I recently got DUI In Nova Scotia Canada
I need a lawyer . I have 2 DUI 10 yrs ago in NJ. Help please. Court date Oct 30. I will be traveling I dont think I can make the court date I will be traveling abroad for work.
You need a lawyer in Nova Scotia
This is the first time I got busted for underage drinking in Rockaway,NJ.
Should I plead guilty or not? didn't do nothing else wrong in my life,I'm 20. Will never do this again it's learning experience a really bad one the beer was a Olde English 800 Malt liquor was with a younger boy he didn't drink anything but still I was wrong thanks for your help.!!!
You need to hire a local criminal attorney asap. If you can't afford an attorney when you go to court the judge will...
Will a DUI on Indiana license (4 years ago) transfer to my (current) New Jersey license? I recently relocated to New Jersey.
I am awaiting A background check for job purposes. I have already received my New Jersey license, and was curious if the DUI conviction in Indiana will effect the point system on my New Jersey license.
If you get another DWI in NJ, it will be treated as a second offense, which has more severe penalties than a first. It...
I was charged with a DUI after a blew my horn at someone the police pulled me over and asked why i blew my horn at him he gave
He gave me a sobriety test and arrested me for DUI. At the station I blew a 0.0 and a DRA gave me a variety of tests and took a urine sample. I got a ticket for DUI, not pulling to the right and not staying in my lane. The DRA said I was under the influence of K2 or spice (synthetic marijurana) My urine test came back clean. I have two prior DUI on my record in NJ. This would be my third. I was not under influence of anything, I stayed my lane because I saw the cop and I pulled to the right when the light went on . I had a shoe box in my car with tobacco and rolling papers. I role my own tobacco. The cop looked opened the shoe box, maybe he thought that was k2 or spice. Does any lawyer have any advice for me as to a defence? I would really appreciate it.
You have many defenses based on your version of the facts. Probable cause. Search and serizure. Observations. Lab...
I was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in New Jersey. Will I be drug tested on my court date?
And what are the standard charges an 18 year old who has never gotten in any trouble ever will receive.
Generally your not tested in court, the test will come after any conviction. As for penalties up to 180 days in jail...
Can I avoid Jail time and a lesser sentence for a 3rd DWI with times in between in New Jersey
So I am 31 years of age and my first DWI was when I was 19 , my second DWI was when I was 22, and my third DWI was when I was 31. I just got arrested this last weds. A little backround is I am an alcoholic. I got sober when I was 22 and was sober for almost 9 years. This May I started drinking again and on July 20th in the AM I got a DWI. I don't think the 10 year rules apply since between my second dwi and my 3rd there were only 9 years. Live was so much better sober that when this happened I realized my experiement to try to moderate my drinking isn't going to happen so I checked my self into a rehab in California. I have a court date on 8/2/16 in a town in morris county NJ. I want to get sober and I know if I don't stay sober something like this or worse is just going to happen to me again and or I can hurt someone by driving and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened. I am having trouble finding an atty because everyone is either trying to underpromise and over deliver but its hard to get a straight anyswer from interviewing them. I want to find an ATTy that will explore every possible angle and fight.
Please do whatever you can work on your sobriety. You are correct that you seem to fall short of the 10 year step down....