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What kind of charges am I facing?
I have a failure to appear for a dwi many years ago and it was the second in a 10 year period.
It is a crime to fail to appear for criminal charges so you could be charged with that offense. In addition, you still...
Saf-C 6302.02  (a)  All breath samples shall be... and shall be collected at the direction of the breath test operator.?
"shall be collected at the direction of the breath test operator" seems very loose, it seems to imply that the "breath test operator" could instruct you to blow into the device whilst your head your is secured in your .....? I am seeking clarification as to wether documented procedures exist for these instructions. Thanx in advance
I do not understand your question's full context. The quoted portion of the statute is just saying that the subject of...
The nature of the debt is a civil judgement against my drivers license. I have 2 dwi's dating back to 1999.
I paid the princpal plus some of the judgement back in 2007. Now I can't renew my license in pa because I havent paid anything on the judgement since 2007.
What is your question? If it is how do I get my license back, consult with a Pennsylvania DUI attorney. That is where...
I am charged with dui and conduct after accident in NH . I left the scene and returned about 2 hours later .
I crashed my car . I left scene for 2 hours . I walked home . Then back to my rolled car . While at home I drank 4 beers . I did not call police because my mother was awake and I did not want to alarm her . I don't have cell . Car was worth 450 dollars . NH laws says an accident causing 1000 or more must be reported . No other cars or person involved . While back at scene a passing car stopped and I got a ride to a friends house to ask for help . He refused as it was now 11 : 30 pm . I went back and a state trooper arrested me after refusing a roadside test . No breath test later . Went to hospital after release 12 hours later . No alcohol in system , I have records . Just concussion . No Miranda at jail . Have class b misdemeanor for dui and conduct after . Please help . No public defender .
Both of these offenses are major motor vehicle violations that you would need to avoid having on your record as that...
How long till you can expunge DUI from NH?
Hi, Recently charged with DUI in Dover, NH. Even though had a strong case, the the judge was known to convict high percentage of his cases from the bench without advisement. & prosecution would not offer any deals. Now that I have to face the music on this first time DUI was wondering according to NH law can this be expunged? if so how long would I have to wait?
After one year you can motion the court to reduce the conviction from a misdemeanor to a violation. You have to...
Possession of a fake ID
I attempted to get into a bar with a fake id. The picture and name on the id were both my twin sister. I gave the cop no information about myself except that the person on the id was my twin sister. He took the id and let me go. 3 weeks later he is calling my twin sister (who currently resides in another state) asking questions about me. He has not contacted me. What should my sister do? What should I do? What can the cop do to me or her legally? If the cop comes to my door do I have to answer it? Background info on me: I've already been arrested for unlawful intoxication, and possession (of alcohol). Both charges have been paid for and were to be taken off my record when I turn 21.
Neither you or your sister have any OBLIGATION whatsoever to speak to the police. In my opinion, you need to have an...
Will I lose my license in NH for 1 year or 90 days? And do I wait for them to contact me?
I lost my driving privledges in NY in Nov for 1 year for refusing to blow. I will lose my license for 90 days tomorrow when I go to court for the dui. I have a NH license. Will I lose that for 90 days or 1 year? And when will that start? Should I just send my license in before I even hear from NHDMV? I have also done 40 days of residential treatment will that help when I need to get my license back?
The length of suspension in NH does not depend upon the length of suspension in NY. It depends upon NH law and your NH...