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If i was convicted of a dwi in ny will it be on my abstract for Florida if i get a florida licence
I was convicted of a dwi in the state of ny and apply for a florida licence will the dwi come up on my abstract for florida?
Unfortunately the answer is most likely. Good luck.
Will I b drug tested at a court hearing
I was charge with a felony of possession of a controlled substance and a DUI and I am going to court to request that the judge allowed me to do more community hours in place of the heavy fines I will not be asked to talk to us and I am very scared to show up at court will I be Drug tested
It is not likely that the court would order you to be drug tested at the hearing. However, if your case has already...
Will I be trucked I sit at a requested court hearing
I was charged with a possession of paraphernalia and a DUI last year I am still trying to clear my record which is not cleared up and I am going to court tomorrow to request from the judge if she would allow me to do more community hours in replacement of high cost of my fines I will not pass a drug test and I'm a very very scared I will be Drug Tested tomorrow while at the hearing
Drug tests are not customarily required in court, but when you report for probation. If you appear in court to be...
If I get probation does that necessarily mean I'll be drug tested as a condition?
I have to find a good psychiatrist after birth and I'm well aware I'll most likely be back on my anxiety meds. My case had nothing to do with drugs and I have no record with drugs or drug activity. What do you think?
If you are drug tested and you test positive for a medication you have a prescription for you will not be violated....
Can I Win Motion To Suppress Refusal If I Was Never Read Implied Consent But Officer States I Was In Probable Cause Statement?
I was recently arrested for DUI and never read Implied Consent. The officer states that I was read implied consent in the probable cause statement but there are several errors that contradict this and support my assertion that it was never read. I will detail the errors below: -On the various forms such as the probable cause statement, refusal affidavit and the citation there are 3 different times of arrest listed. All of the times of arrest listed on every form are after the time of allegedly being read implied consent. There is nowhere on any of the documentation that indicates I was read implied consent after being placed under arrest. -The form that details implied consent states that I was requested to submit to a breath test, but the portion of the form that the officer marks whether I was read implied consent for a motor vehicle or commercial motor vehicle is blank, the officer did not mark either one. -There is no video evidence supporting officer's claim that I was read implied consent because it never happened. I was successful in having license suspension invalidated on this basis. Is there a chance of a motion to suppress the refusal on this basis?
You have an excellent chance of suppressing the refusal but the prosecutor can still proceed with trial if the video...
Does being drunk negate the "intentional" part of lewd and lascivious on minor?
Does being drunk negate the "intentional" part of lewd and lascivious on minor?
Voluntary intoxicatin is not a defense in Florida to any crime. No, being drunk does not negate criminal intent.
Can the dmv require me to have an interlock device if the judge ordered that I do not have to install an interlock device?
I completed the court's requirements and yet the dmv wants me to have an interlock device installed on top of fees and proof of insurance to get my license back.
You only have to get the interlock if you want to drive. Yes, they can require it, even if the judge didn't require....