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If a probation officer really likes you can they ignore violations and not revocate you. Even if you are charged with a 4th DWI
withing 5 yrs and you are being charged with a felony for this? Or does anyone else also oversee your file?
Your agent is not the only person who has to make decisions. His or her supervisor also has to approve all decisions...
Can i get a passport to go to mexico if i have a dwi in wisconsin
2 dwi convictions a couple of years ago want to get a passport to go to mexico
Are you a U.S. Citizen? If so, then you should be able to get a passport. The issue is whether you are admissible to...
How can I get a dui dropped?
Friend got a owi early this morning with a couple other charges (exceeding speed zones,failure to keep vehicle under control, and driving wrong way on divided highway) on her owi ticket it says her bac was 00
For one, you can't get it dropped this early because you don't have evidence she wasn't driving under the influence of...
Typical jail sentence for 2nd owi in WI?
I blew a .29 and crashed my car. I was the only one injured. I have one prior OWI 3 years ago and I have no prior criminal history. If I comply with AODA and with the scram bracelet program how much jail time would you guess I would get? And how much could i get it reduced?
Aggravated guidelines at that BAC for the judicial district that includes Waukesha County call for 120-180 days in jail....
Tips for a 2nd dui.
I drove to a gas station to get cigarettes. Parked by the pump started reading a book on my phone and lost track of time. Went in to get cigarettes and went back to my car. And sat more to read. In total I was there for 60 65 minutes. It's just a habit. I like to sometimes sit in my car. I'm doing it now as I type this. I wasn't physically driving. The gas clerk called 911 saying I had bloodshot eyes and I wouldn't leave. She never asked me to leave. The gas station has nothing posted about parking there. I did drive alone there. I still think my car was off. Radio on though. In the report and chest cam video, the cop says please turn off your car. But from the video, you can't tell. Right now my lawyer says my defenses are 2 options. Did the cop have a valid reason to approach me and was I over .o8 when I got there. Also does anyone know if we are able to check the car computer to see if my car was on? My car is newer, manual, and keyless start if that helps. Thanks for your advice in advance.
I"m moving your question over to the Criminal Defense category (it's in the Lemon Law category right now), as someone...
What to do after I got my first DUI?
I wrapped my car around a telephone pole Saturday night. BAC .38
Get an attorney who deals with OWIs immediately. also get this confession off the internet, if possible.
What happens with the data gathered on the Lifesaver IID? I am not on probation ....but did have a failed test
When trying to start the car I had a failed test which put me into the 7 day warning indicating a need a new hand device. Where does this data go and how does this affect me? I am not on any type of probation.
You need to check your contract with the IID provider and any related disclosures that came with the contract. If you...