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I was stopped at dui checkpoint with a dui suspended license and a bac of .3. what am I facing and what options do I have.
I was stopped in Northampton county, live and work in berks county. original incident in 2010, paying costs for victims medical which I believe is bogus but had no way to prove. completed original work release and counseling, and suspension time, except for restitution. have extensive record.
You mention that you were stopped while driving on a DUI suspension with a high BAC. You also mentioned an extensive...
Pa dui interlock employment exemption employer liabilities
what are my liabilities as an employer someone with a interlock license if they drive my vehicles using the interlock employment exemption interlock affidavit
If you have an employee who has so many DUIs that he/she is required to have an interlock device in their own car,...
When does my first DUI get expunged if I take ARD classes?
I just received my first DUI and plan on taking ARD classes, how long will it take to get that expunged off of my record?
Usually around 30 days or so after completion of the ARD program you should be able to get your record expunged....
If the judge says 60 days, can Penndot still say 90 days? Or is what the judge says goes?
my DUI was for drugs and I am 20 years old in the ARD program. The judge said 60 day suspension, but my public defender said Penndot could make it 90.
PennDot makes their own rules, so they dont really listen to judges. DUI under 21 usually results in a 90 day suspension.
Does ARD count against me when i was removed and resentanced for getting back my drivers license
I had a DUI in 2001 if I was removed from the ARD Program due to not paying my fines ,then can pendot tell me to get my license back i have to show my completing the ARD Program but if i was removed and resentanced am i abel to get my license back since suspension is over
Call Penndot and ask them to mail you a License Restoration letter which will list what needs to be done to get your...
Who can I contact about my DUI restrictions entering Italy?
I was charged with a first offense DUI which I received a ARD. My fines were paid and I am off probation. I would like to travel to Italy in the next 2 weeks. Will Italy refuse me entry into their country because of my DUI? Who can I contact in Italy about this issue, is there a number I can call or a consulate in the US I can call about this restriction?
For travel, contact the U.S. Embassy for a visa and the Italian consulate for visitor information. Read about the...
What should I do next did not get test results from blood work yet & how long does it take for the blood test results
stopped for a dui 1st. one ever took breathalyzer it was0.81 & took blood test did not get any paper work from the cop he just took me to the hospital and left
What should you do? Speak privately and confidentially with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide...