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  • Mass. pharmacy co-founder faces 25 murder counts in ...

    Wednesday Dec 17 | via The Raw Story 

    The head of a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy was charged with 25 counts of second-degree murder in connection with a fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people, the New York Times reported. Both New England Compounding Center co-owner and founder Barry J. Cadden and supervisory pharmacist Glenn A. Chin face murder charges related to the 2012 outbreak, which was attributed to tainted steroids the company manufactured and distributed to clinics around the country.


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I was charged with misdemeanor DWI 2 1/2 years ago and received Continuation without a Finding and 1 year's probation. I completed my probation and paid all fines/fees in a timely manner. Will this charge show up on my criminal record? Do I have to include this charge when filling out applications (non-government jobs)? In addition, I'm looking to take a trip to Toronto in the near future, will I be allowed into Canada? I've had no other run-ins with the law prior to this incident or since. Thanks!
This dismissal will not be reported on a general employment inquiry, but may be reported in certain instances such as...
RMV sent me stated it will cost $500. The hearings officer stated the other fee was a breathalyzer fee. All of my court fees were paid in full following my case. Is this fee new in the state of Massachusetts?
No this not new, your license was suspended for either a refusal or a test over. Then you took the CWOF and a 45 day...
I was stopped for a tail light out only. What chance do I have in court with Police officers lying?
The FST and BT are definitely evidence that can affect your chances, but so are your coordination, speech, smell,...
I must have wandered off from possible concussion. Was very groggy over the next 2 or so hours. Sick to my stomach/ headache. Ended up walking home. Had some wine to calm my nerves plus not really thinking straight. Very early the next morning I called police/emt. Went to hospital. My bac was below the legal limit but the concern was what it was at the time of accident. I did not disclose that I drank afterwards. Can the police use that bac to make assumptions regarding it hours before?
Consult local defense counsel and don't speak more about this online.
This would be OUI 1st. Would a judge likely sentence me to jail based on my past?
if it is a first offense, then jail time is unlikely - do however get an attorney.
I have to go to court in a month for speeding ticket.
A traffic citation will really get you into a problem in this type of situation.
I have 2 OUI . The first was CWOF with no accident or incidence. The second was found guilty with no accident or incidence. The registry took my CDL for life. Now it's suppose t be 2 guiltys lost for life. I wasn't found guilty on first. The paperwork I received used the court ordered 16 week program as my guilty. Can this be appealed?
Generally speaking, a CWOF should not be considered a guilty for registry purposes. Consult with an attorney to...