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When I went to my.first appearance for a.pom 2 charge they set my court over a year away what can I do to it moved closer
I was arrested for pom 2 only the passenger had something on them at my hearing I plead youthful not guilty my next court date was set for over 1 year away Is there anyway I can move it closer
If you are in “deferred prosecution” then the setting is probably to make sure you do all the things necessary as part...
Can I reschedule a dui court date?
Family emergency
You or your attorney must file a Motion to Continue and cite specific grounds for the request. The grant (approval) of...
DUI...Do I apply for pretrial diversion before my first court date?
Court date is 43 days after my arrest date. I am trying to avoid the administrative license suspension which takes effect after 45 days. Should I contact the court beforehand and ask to apply for pretrial diversion or wait until my first court appearance? I am just afraid that if I wait until my court date, my license suspension may go into effect before my application is approved (if it is approved).
Your adm suspension will go into effect after 45 days, whether or not you have appeared in court or applied for pre-...
What is the approximate cost of having attorney defend you at a Welch hearing?
I have a lifetime revocation in the state of Florida. It has been 10 years since my last conviction. I have lived in Alabama for 8 years. I have no other convictions since that time. Approximately, How much will I need in attorney fees and what other stipulations will be given to me before actually driving again.
Fees vary from attorney to attorney and AVVOs rules prohibit quoting fees. You'll need to call around and see the...
How can I apply for a Welch hearing. I received a lifetime revocation in Florida, and I have lived in Alabama for 8 yrs. ?
Lifetime revocation in 2007 in Florida. I have no other convictions since that time. I live with my aging mother and do not consume alcohol . I have an Alabama ID , voters ID, and am a working citizen in the state. My convictions were 3 in Florida and 1 in Alabama. 1 in 1982.
I am not an AL lawyer and know less than nothing about AL law or procedure, but I do know how to use Google.... And...
I refused to take the sobriety test and the initial test breathalyzer does this hurt my case?
I was stopped by the police i was stopped for improper lane change and impending traffic. I explain to police I was on my phone looking something up and I had received a text. The cop ask were I had been I told him a couple of night clubs. He then ask had I been drinking and I said no he said are you sure I said yes. He then asked for my insurance it took me a minute but I found it. Then he asked me to get out of the car and asked me to take sobriety test and said you have the right to refuse and I refused the test. He asked why if had not been drinking I said because and left it right their. I was leaning against my car. He said your leaning against car like your drunk. I stood up off my car and said see I was just relaxing on the car. I had my arms folded in anger. I am recently retired military and not used to someone not excepting my word. He explained my license might be suspended for 90 days. I said fine and he asked me to place my hands behind my back I'm hard of hearing because of being Artillery in the military. I stayed in jail 12hrs and then 0.00 at the station.
No, it does not "hurt" your case if you were charged under Code section 32-5A-191(a)(1) or (a)(2); rather, the results...
Will hiring a lawyer help with a hardship license in florida
I got my first dui on 2/18/15 and my second dui on 4/18/15. My first dui was in florida and my second was in Georgia. I was going through a nasty divorce during that time and I haven't drank anything since. I was a resident of Florida when I received both DUIs, but I have since moved to Alabama. I have completed my probation, paid my fines, been to dui school, installed an interlock device on my vehicle, and completed a 90 day rehab. Since I now live in Alabama, I had to apply for the special supervision program with a place called the Bridgeway Center in Fort Walton Beach, FL. They are the only people who deal with out of state people. I applied for the program in June after a hearing with the board of the administrative reviews.It is now December and they still will not see me. They drag their feet on everything. I am a forester and I need a license. Please help
An Alabama attorney will be of no assistance since the case was in Florida. I suggest you consult with an attorney in...