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How long does it take for a judge to rule on a certificate of ignition interlock?
I've had 2 dui /drug convictions within 10 years. However I have completed the DUI risk reduction program and had an evaluation and attending 17 week treatment classes. I filed for the interlock to be waived for financial hardship and due to the fact that my duis were not alcohol related. How long does it take for the judge to rule? I've also showed exhibits where I've completed these requirments. The states attorney is opposing, so how long will it take for him to rule?
I advise that you possibly hire a criminal defense attorney to assist you. There is no specific period of time within...
Dui lawyer
I have one dui and just recieved another one after going to my x gf house to talk she punched me and I didn't hit her back and I left then the cops came and picked me up for fleeing the scene, what are my rights and what can I do
Your narrative seems to omit details of the new DUI; it focuses solely on potential domestic violence charges. Are you...
DUI in Duluth Municipal Court.
I was arrested for a DUI. The case is in Duluth municipal court. I worked out a deal with the solicitor. I finished all classes and all requirements. Finished my probation a month ago but still haven't heard from them regarding official disposition. Do I need to request that or is it mailed to me? And if i need to request it do i just show up in court and what is the the process? Thank you.
It's not clear if you were convicted, or if you participated in some type of pre-trial diversion program. If you were...
DUI less safe drugs and roadblocks
I was stopped at a roadblock shortly after smoking marijuana. I did have it in my possession and my blood was tested. I had also taken an unprescribed adderall previously that day. In my understanding, they must prove that I was a "less safe" driver because of the marijuana. How can this be done if I was stopped at a roadblock? Also, how will the adderall come into play (if at all)?
Most prosecutors will take the "any in your system" approach. But you are correct about less safe, it is difficult if...
Clearing a DUI warrant for a non domicile
Dear sirs I am an English national who was working in Georgia on an H1 B visa from 2001 to 2002. I was arrested for a DUI in 2001 and paid my fine and attended court. I thought that the matter was closed however I have taken a vacation in the USA twice in the last few years and every time I get stopped for an outstanding warrant. Is there any way I can get this charge removed? If it's not possible to have the charge removed would there be a chance of being denied entry to the USA by border control? As mentioned I get pulled and questioned by border guards but have been allowed entry but I would like to get this warrant closed out or removed if possible. I'm planning a honeymoon in Seattle this fall and would like to have this cleared before then if possible.
Usually a misdemeanor will not affect you because most states do not extradite misdemeanants. However, why would you...
Can you be given a DUI if no one pulled you over and you are arrested from your Home in Georgia
I recently had my sister in law make a complaint against me that I had run her off the road and almost caused her to have an accident or shortly after her complaint was made the police arrived at my house with my vehicle was still warm from not having been home for long and when I come out of my back door to go to my vehicle to get my purse out of it I had several officers standing up under my carport and when I started to go buy them was put In handcuffs I did fail to comply with taking a blood breath or urine sample when taken to the hospital because I was supposedly considered suicidal because after having a bad day already I said that I could just die I was concluded to not be suicidal at the local hospital but then afterwards arrestedis this legal and what can I do about it if not
It sounds like there is some missing information. Police can respond to complaints and investigate any complaints. How...
I received a DUI in Fl last week it was my first. I live in GA they took my license can I get a hardship or temp license
Florida suspended my license for 6 months. I'm a resident of Georgia can I get a hardship or temp license so I can go to work and back
Have you already gone to court and entered a plea to the DUI, or are you still awaiting your court date? Being...