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Dolton Law

How much time am I looing at for driving on revoked
Did a year for driving on revoked but was on patole at time
This depends on how the offense is charged. If charged as a Class A misdemeanor, the max would be 364 days. However,...
Beating a DUI is it possible to sue the police department for forcing you into a ambulance when you stated you did want to go?
Police forced me to go to the hospital when I told them I didnt want to go after car accident.
If there is any possibility that you were injured, the police are obligated to make sure you are OK. It is not a...
How can I sway the State's Attorney to agree to vacate my DUI charge?
I've recieved a DUI last year and have been placed on supervision for 24 months. Due to my dilligence of completion of everything required of me, my lawyer was able to get an early termination of my supervision. My issue is that I have a CDL and because of a DUI charge, it has been disqualified. I motioned up the case in hopes of getting this charge amended. I know this is a very difficult thing to do, but I need my CDL for my job. Would it be a good idea to have my mother to also speak on my behalf?
I understand the hardships you face regarding your CDL. You are not alone. I have seen many people facing similar...
Out of state traveler got DUI in a rental car. Now I have a 23152A violation. What do I do?
I visited Healdsburg, CA for a wedding and got pulled over leaving a parking lot to head home. I live in Chicago and was using a rental car at the time. I blew a .19 and was put in jail overnight and then released. They gave me my drivers license and confusing paperwork. I tried the DMV but never got through. Back home, I now received a letter with a 23152A violation. What do I need to do? I do not want to go back to CA to handle this. I do not own a car back home.
You need to retain a lawyer in California with plenty of experience in DUI defense. You don't want a default on your...
For a DUI what needs to be put in the order for summary statutory suspension?
Hello. I am representing myself in a DUI since I cannot afford my own and do not want to use the public defender. I worked out a deal where they will let me win the motion for statutory summary suspension and I will get supervision on the DUI. My question is, can someone please help me with the language that needs to be put into the order winning the statutory summary suspension? Lastly, what do I do with the order once I have it? Do I send it to Springfield? Can I take it in person in Cook County anywhere? Thank you very much for your time.
I will be surprised if any lawyers on this website are willing to work for free and write your order for you. Perhaps...
Sister in Law is in jail now (about a month) no bail posted....5th DUI (I know that's horrible) ....
Sister in Law is in jail now (about a month) no bail posted....5th DUI (I know that's horrible) but her past lawyer is charging $9,000 PER CASE (2 CASES $18,000) absolutely can not afford that!...she stated the public defender is not being very informal to her. They say she may get 4-10 years, is there anyway she can get some major treatment / help send her somewhere?? I want to help her so she can get well, but not be in jail any longer than 4 years or be able to get less than 4 years. She's a good person, but needs help. Thank you. (In DuPage Co IL jail now) (one case is in Cook Co and the other in DuPage).
She'll get help. Treatment will be a mandatory condition of her sentence. However, working on her 4th and 5th DUI,...
Can I get a sooner court date for a DUI case. It Is my last one and I have completed everything required.
Court is set for 9/11/15 but I would like to go sooner. Can I go sooner and if so how would the process go?
It is possible to motion the matter up in the clerks office and then to appear before the judge. Ultimately it will be...