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What happens if u got a dui and was put on probation a few years and you suppose pay 200 a month to probation and you just stop
When someone you know stops seeing and paying their probation officer and fees
Being too poor to pay cannot be the basis for a revocation of the probation (though the PO might try). Not reporting...
How do you know if your vehicle is registered in the system? (Police vehicle system)
I was stopped by a state patrol officer & I was driving. One of the occupants of my car possessed marijuana & he was taken into custody I did not possess any drugs so I was not convicted. I was free to go, but they did search my vehicle & ran my license through their system. I just want to know if my car is in their system & if the police might keep an eye out for me or if I'm stopped again they can tie that situation to any current situation I'm in.
Highly doubtful but if it bothers you, buy a new car and get a new tag. Do you know that some police departments in...
Is it possible to get reckless driving and attempt to elude off of driving record
I got those charges from riding my four wheeler and a investergator got behind me and I didn't know it was and investergator until I stopped I got charged with both charges but only got points for reckless driving I'm trying to get both expunged off my record
If you plead to the charges they cannot come off of your driving history. You may be able to withdraw your plea, and...
Got a dui and refused the field sobriety test implied consent was never read. can this be thrown out?
i rolled up on a georgia state patrol road block. all of their lights were off. the cop immediately ask me how much i had been drinking. i said none and then told him 5 mixed drinks. i never said i drinked alcoholic mixed drinks. i denied taking any of the field sobriety test. since i didn't give consent would he still need to read me the implied consent? the jailers made me blow in a roadside blow test and blew .132 they never made me use the real machine while being booked. also the cop was talking on his cellphone and didn't buckle me up on the way to jail. they never breathalyzed me before releasing me from jail also. is there anyway to get this thrown out? does the implied consent still matter since i said no to the field sobriety test.
Your question is a little confusing based upon your chronology of events, but the short answer is implied consent must...
My husband was charged with Refused Test/Implied Consent, because of misunderstanding?
He blew on the side of road, twice; also did the roadside sobriety test and past. The officer arrested him, had him in handcuffs and started reading the Ga. State Admin. Test card to him and he told the officer, that he was already arrested and in handcuffs, why was he doing it again. So, he was taken to jail and charged. He blew a .06 at the jail on the hand held breath machine.
If they cop said he refused to take a test then he is in jeopardy of having his license suspended for a year. Please...
A friend received a ticket for DUI for drugs. The name on the ticket is spelled wrong. Is the ticket still valid?
There was no alcohol involved and the friend was not in possession of any drugs. This happened at a road block.
generally speaking, this is still a valid ticket. If the wrong name, entirely, is on the ticket that would be a defense....
How long before a misdemeanor can be thrown out before trial
I got a DUI in Georgia in November of 2011. So 2 1/2 years past, and I'm scheduled for court I'm December. I have an attorney. Should the case be thrown out for taking so much time?
I believe you are referring to the two year statute of limitations. The case would only be thrown out if the state...