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Was pulled over for a DUI
What chance will I have with DMV to let me work during working hours. I heard there is an automatic 30 days suspension. I'm old and do not wish to give the City I work for a reason to fire me. Yes, I need an attorney...I am the only driver in my family. Im 61 years old and never been in trouble with the Law.
The only thing you can do is have your attorney contact DMV within 10 days to fight the suspension.
Was drinking on the side of the road, private property fox six hour and picked up by the CHP
Went to court and said I will get an attorney. and it was put off until the end of August. There is a DMV hearing next week and what to expect on this. Will DMV take no action until all has been this has went to the court system?
No. The DMV process is a different animal. You must comply with both' independently. It's possible to be found not...
In 2011 I got a dui for driving under the influence of narcotics yet they are making me install a ignition lock breathalyzer.
Dui has nothing to do with alcohol. Can I and how do I fight having the ignition lock. It's pointless!
If the court has ordered the IID then you have to install it. Your lawyer should have made the case that an IID doesn'...
What will happen to me
i asked this question last night but i think it was too late in the day, if i had a felony dui with bodily injury with a 14 year old girl, got put on probation...i finished that probation then got put on a drug related probation...and i recently got another dui a few days ago..whats the outcome as far as you know?
You aren't going to get a meaningful answer from a stranger on the Internet. Any new DUI within ten years of a felony...
What can I do about a DUI from 9 years ago that stops me from renewing my license if it occurred out of state?
I had a DUI in California around 2004 . I paid the fines and they required me to take classes, but due to me transitioning from the military and returning to my home state, I could not attend their classes. I travel state to state for work every month for my company. I want to switch companies, but my license expired a few years back and the DUI shows up when I try to renew it in order to take a new job. Fortunately because of the nature of my work, it did not require a driving license.
What you need is to have the hold out of California lifted because 45 of the states have an interstate agreement to...
My husband's in jail for battery, corp injury to spouse & dui. He has a prior Dui. What's he looking at sentencing wise?
He has no priors except a Dui about 6 years ago. We have 3 kids together & he has a job he's been at for several years. The night he was arrested for the recent Dui & corp injury to spouse the battery against his dad hadn't been sentenced yet so I assume this is why they took it (the battery) up to a felony. As for the corp injury to spouse, he'd said he wanted a divorce so I took his wallet..he was only trying to get it back, not hurt me. Neither his dad nor I want to press charges & neither of us have substantial injuries. We've taken numerous character letters/contact info to the DA & his public defender.
Talk with your attorney about what he's looking at, as they are in the best position to answer your question.
How does a excuse letter should look like for absences for dui classesthey told me if i give them a good excuse i might start
its for a wet and reckless. 12 hour program . i missed 3 of them
As I understand your question you need a letter to give to the program due to excessive absences. First have someone...