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How long does law enforcement have to issue a dui?
My nephew wrecked his car while driving under the influence. While he was walking down the road an officer showed up and an ambulance was called. He was not arrested and no officer accompanied him. It has now been 7 months and a police officer just called him and told him he would be getting a summons in the mail for this incident. The hospital release paperwork did not show bac in the blood work, but showed every other thing that can be tested with blood. Is it legal for the police to bring charges?
Generally the prosecutor has 1 year to file a misdemeanor DWI or 3 years for a felony.
How long will a refusal to blow stay with me on my driving record?
Couldn't get a job driving because a refusal to blow on my driving record 7 years ago.
The record of your refusal will stay on your driving record permanently unless it is expunged, unlike speeding and...
How can I beat a DUI charge when the only thing that was in my system was medications the d
I was eating a burger at Sonic the cop pulled up behind me he got out of the car they made me do a breathalyzer then took me for blood test and the only thing that shows up in my system is the medicine from the doctor
There is not enough information here to answer your question. You should not post more information because it may...
How can i fight a DWI/Leaving the scene of an accident?
9 months ago I was taking several medications for Insomnia . One of the medications were Ambien 15mls . I had been out of my medications for a few days before I could get the perscription refilled . I had not slept in days and was about to loose my mind . Once I filled it , I took one as soon as i got home , which was around 2pm . I went to bed as soon as I took it . the only thing I remember is my daughter came into my room informing me that a MP was standing outside . I remember NOTHING . , I do remember after my daughter woke me I seen in my hand an UN - opened bottle of alcohol . I must of drank some right then . Then all I remember is i was standing outside . I was arrested for DWI - Alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident . I do not remember anything , but I do remember i was not drinking / driving
I think the thing you can do is hire a lawyer that has loads of experience handling traffic/DWI cases, and let them...
I got my 3rd dwi i need a good lawyer
i have 1 felony on my record
You are right, you do need a good lawyer. You can use AVVO to find a good criminal defense lawyer in your area.
If i was in the national guard and i got drunk, bartender calls me a cab, i get into the cab
then get out of the cab and into another car thats wasn't mine and drive off, wrecking the car. what charges and what would be the est. bail be set at?
I'm not sure if you are saying that you got into a hit and run accident and left the scene? If so, you should get a...
Dwi offpost
Im in the army and I got a dwi offpost and it got reduce to careless imprudnet before my chain of command knew. Once the commnder of my company finds out about my arrest do they contact offpost authorities first before dealing with me? Is the commander allowed to go by what i was arrested for or what i was convicted of which was careless imprudent? I dont think its right to get punished for a crime that i wasnt convisted for
This answer is for informational purposes only as I do not practice law in MO. Here in WA State when an enlisted...