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  • Elderly man pinned against McDonald's in DWI

    Tuesday May 3 | via Times Beacon Record 

    An elderly man had one fracture and a broken bone after being hit by a car in an alleged drunk driving incident Monday afternoon. According to police, the injured pedestrian, 89-year-old Dix Hills resident Louis Anania, was leaving a McDonald's restaurant on West Jericho Turnpike in Huntington shortly after 4 p.m. when a westbound Toyota turned left toward the parking lot in front of an eastbound Chevrolet, causing a collision that sent the Chevy off the roadway and into Anania.


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Dix Hills Law

I am a licensed physical therapist in NY who has been charged with a DUI. Charges are pending.
Do I have to report this to the physical therapy licensing board of NY
Check the Agency Regulations. You have been charged with a misdemeanor, i.e. a crime. But you have only been...
Can I get my dwi charges dropped to a reduced offense?
I was pulled over and was arrested after the officer did a sobriety test because he said my eyes were red (I was crying because I had broken up with my boyfriend when I got pulled over) he also did the breathalyzer four times and came up with the number 0.14 is there any way I can plea to a reduced offense other than a dwi, I have a clean record, there was no one else in the car, no car accident and I was coming from my friend's house, my last drink was at 10 pm and I got pulled over at 1 AM
In Suffolk County, blowing a .14 - the question isn't whether or not you've lost your license, the question is whether...
License Suspension in New York too?
I live in New York. My Drivers license is getting suspended in New Jersey for .09 DUI that I got in New Jersey. Will it be suspended in New York too? If so can I get a conditional license in New York so I can drive to and from work? Thanks, Anthony
If you are being suspended in NJ as a result of a DWI/DUI committed in NJ but you have a NY license, NJ will only be...
How can I petition the DMV for an ignition interlock to drive to work
DWI in 2011 - New York State - "D" Felony All fines paid All probation served Application denied DL
The answer to your question is to complex to be answered in this forum. The first thing you need to do is to retain...
Can a lawyer help me get my liscense back if I have 5 dwi in my lifetime and I got a letter saying I'm suspended indefinately?
Ive gotten 5 dwi's over a 20 year period my last one was 6 years ago I payed all my fines and reapplied for my liscense and was told I'm revoked indefinately.
It's very unlikely that you will ever get your license back. Driving is a privilege, not a right and you have proven...
Who is responsible for the vehicle not having an interlocking device the owner or my brother? And is military service an option?
My brother is looking at some serious time in NYS with a $200,000 bail, for a 2nd DUI, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, and failing to having an interlocking device in his vehicle, The vehicle is not in his name though.
If your brother has the condition from his prior DWI plea to have an ignition interlock, then it does not matter who...
Will a NY Interlock Device restriction/requirement apply to me if I move to FL for work?
I plead guilty to DWAI (down from DWI) in NY. The DA asked the court to assess an Interlock requirement for 1 year, a Conditional License for 90 days, participation in the 7 week, 16 hour Impaired Driver Program and a $750 fine. I am likely moving to FL for work and was curious as to whether the Interlock requirement will follow me. I'm not looking to drink and drive obviously, but rather, I am concerned that the Interlock requirement will wipe-out my future job opportunity (local government position that requires a very significant amount of time behind the wheel). So basically, will FL be able to see that the Interlock is required in NY, and will they enforce/require that same requirement in FL? Thank you. In case it matters, this is my only issue with the law. Other than this, my only other violation was an HOV Lane ticket in 2001.
Try reposting this in Florida. NY recognizes restrictions from other states & I think it's a pretty safe bet Florida...