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Today is my court hiring on a second dui charge. I do not know what to plead because I havn't talk to a lawyer yet. help?
fell asleep at the light . Nones was hurt . Did not take a breathlizer .
Dear Petersburg - I suggest that you get a local lawyer who has experience in the DUI arena. I wish you well and hope...
Dwi stop
I was stopped in prince George 3am going home I stop drinking like 12:45 left my friend house at 2:30 I was stopped for faluire too turn my high beams off but I didn't get a ticket for that the office said I smell acholol have u been drinking I said I had a couple beers like 3 1/2 hours ago he made me get out the car n do 2 test I pasted them but failed the breathlizer blew a 1.2 took me too jail my friend was also their he was drunk and they gave him a ride home he still had his beverage in his hand when he got out the police n they knew what it was do I have a chance at fighting this case the officer said I did good on my test just failed the breathlizer can I use my friend as a witness that the cops didn't do everything by the books and I was never read my Miranda rights
Miranda generally isn't an issue when it comes to DUI, but do you realize you never asked a question?
How much is the court fine for a dwi ?
How long is the ASAP classes 4 weeks for 9 for a dwi conviction?
The fine starts at $250 minimum, plus court costs for a first offense and can easily be higher. There will also be...
How can I prove too the common wealth that my bright lights wasn't on?
The officer said he on stopped me cause I had my brights lights on approaching him on a dark road and I know I didn't have them on I just had my headlights clean a couple months a go at macco cuz they were foggy and everytime Iam driveing people flash their lights at me cause they think I have my bright lights on and I don't how can I prove too the court that my brights wasn't on and by the way this led too me being charged with a dwi
It will be difficult to prove and will probably not matter. If it was only the basis for the stop the officer only has...
Do I have a chance of getting my dwi reduce?
I blew a .12 I was only pulled over for failure too turn my high beams off I wasn't swerving or speeding I passed two test the officer gave me but failed the breathlizer do I even have a chance of getting it reduce I only have two speeding tickets on my record one is ready too come off and my criminal I have two mis but they are 7 and 4 years old and not drug related or driveing related do I have a chance in court?
Dear Prince George - I think that you have asked this questions in different ways. However, because DUI is a very hot...
For a dwi how many times I have too go to court?
For a dwi I had my arraigment wesday August 13,2014 n my court day is oct 15,2015 will this be my last day going too court or will it be more court days I go too court in prince George
The number of times you appear in court depends on how you handle the case, and also on factors that are beyond your...
Did t change the law now when it come too dwi?
Do the state of virgina put a interlock device in every person car now that get a dwi or do it depend on what you blew?
The interlock is not mandatory for all DUI offenses in VA. Here is a link a brochure published by the VA DMV which...