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Do I need to get an attory after being hit head on by a drunk driver? My 4 year old son was in teh car with me.
We have no serious injuries but the car is pretty bad, im a single mom and my insurance wont get me a rental car cause i dont have that on my plan . Shouldnt they be figting her insurnace to get me one? Im being told i personally have to go after her insurance which i thought that is what my insurance is for. also i dont have good enough credit to get a new vehicle if mine is totaled ... so im to drive around in a POS cause she hit me. That doesnt seem right.
If you were hit by a drunk driver, you can get pain and suffering money for both yourself and your baby. Click on...
I just received DMV Hearing that my lic. is going to be susp. for criminal gave wet reckless,no susp. is my licsusp4 1yr?
Tryin to find out if my CDL is going to be susp. for 1yr. or 4 months like the DMV hearing paper says. lawyer said its a 1yr susp. no matter what the paper says. Im confused and make my living using my CDL and could loose my job. I was not convicted of a DUI, but reduced to a wet/reckless with no susp. from criminal case. Have a family that depends on me so if u could help answer this question i would truely appreciate it. THANK YOU!
In a DUI case, your license can be suspended two ways: through a DMV hearing process, or as a result of the criminal...
Will the ca state or San Joaquin's county garnish my wages for unpaid Dui restitution?
I have 2 dui convictions from 08. Still haven't paid the $5,000 in restitution. They terminated my probation. Just started a legitimate job. Wondering if eventually they will garnish my wages? There were no victims.
I suspect you mean $5000 in fees. It now becomes a $5000 civil debt. The county can collect it by garnishing your...
What's the guidelines for a restricted license?
I got a restricted license a few weeks back. I had 4 dui arrests from 7-8 years ago. I was convicted on two. Haven't been pulled over since 08.. To my surprise I didn't have to take the behind the wheel driving exam or get a iid installed? Just took the written and eye exam. They took my pic and gave me a temporary? The dmv gave me no directions on where I could drive with a restricted? I read up on it a bit. I guess a restricted with no iid I'm only allowed to drive to work and dui classes. With a iid I'm allowed to drive whenever? Is this correct? If that is the case say I don't get a iid and get pulled over driving home at midnight from a concert of something? Then I'm flicked right?
Generally, restricted licenses allow driving to and from work and DUI school, addin the course and scope of work....
In the state of CA, are you allowed to solicit recent DUI arrests via phone or is it strictly jail mail?
I recently had a friend get arrested and she keeps getting calls about hiring an attorney for a DUI. Is this allowed?
Direct solicitations via phone are generally prohibited.
With a DUI conviction is a interlock device a condition the judge makes for you to get your license reinstated?
I have 2 DUI convictions from over 5 years ago. I'm looking at the conditions of my probation? The judge never made it a condition for me to get a device interlock installed to drive? The mandatory actions unit in sac is saying I don't need it to get my license reinstated? If the judge never made it a condition? Does that mean I am not required to get it?
If it is not a term of your probation and DMV is stating that you do not need it, you might have answered your own...
I am Salvadoran and have TPS. I had a DUI conviction in 1988. I also got another DUI last March 2014. USCIS sent me a RFE letter
with INTENT TO DENY my last March re-registration TPS application. With two misdemeanor convictions, 1988 and 2014, is there any possibility that I can continue being eligible for TPS?
Unfortunately, the two misdemeanors will render you ineligible to continue with your TPS.