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Do I need to get an attory after being hit head on by a drunk driver? My 4 year old son was in teh car with me.
We have no serious injuries but the car is pretty bad, im a single mom and my insurance wont get me a rental car cause i dont have that on my plan . Shouldnt they be figting her insurnace to get me one? Im being told i personally have to go after her insurance which i thought that is what my insurance is for. also i dont have good enough credit to get a new vehicle if mine is totaled ... so im to drive around in a POS cause she hit me. That doesnt seem right.
If you were hit by a drunk driver, you can get pain and suffering money for both yourself and your baby. Click on...
I just received DMV Hearing that my lic. is going to be susp. for criminal gave wet reckless,no susp. is my licsusp4 1yr?
Tryin to find out if my CDL is going to be susp. for 1yr. or 4 months like the DMV hearing paper says. lawyer said its a 1yr susp. no matter what the paper says. Im confused and make my living using my CDL and could loose my job. I was not convicted of a DUI, but reduced to a wet/reckless with no susp. from criminal case. Have a family that depends on me so if u could help answer this question i would truely appreciate it. THANK YOU!
In a DUI case, your license can be suspended two ways: through a DMV hearing process, or as a result of the criminal...
How can I get my DL back so I do not lose my job?
I was in an accident 6 months ago and citied for my second DUI. First one was 8 years ago. I had a dmv hearing and never received the outcome. I went to court on the date on the ticket and there key had nothing on file. I was pulled over a few days ago and found out my DL was suspended. I had a lawyer call the DA and they still do not have the case. with no DL I'm going to lose my job. I have Ben to the dmv and the only thing they can tell me is they are waiting for the courts to contact them with an outcome.
It sounds like you lost the DMV hearing. Even if the DA never files a case, you're facing a one-year suspension if you...
DMV asking you to request a DUI hearing twice?
I called the DMV Safety Office within ten days of my arrest to request a hearing and a stay on my license. I then received a letter in the mail from the DMV a few days later asking me to request a hearing within fourteen days or my license would end up being suspended? Can anyone clarify why they're asking me to request a hearing twice? Thank you.
The letter is sent as a result of the officer failing to properly complete the form DS367, usually, by failing to...
Is that grounds to arrest me?
I have a SCRAM anklet on for 55 days. I went to a restaurant where they serve alcohol, but was no where near it. The ankle picked up a reading. Of course it was spikes, meaning I personally didnt drink anything. my case manager is saying that I am prohibited from even going to restaurants serving alcohol, but I have never been given any paperwork or been told his before.
Sounds like something you need to discuss with your lawyer. Perhaps read your SCRAM paperwork carefully as well.
Do I have a possible case against my DUI arrest?
Following the field sobriety tests, the officer said that he had reason to believe that I was under the influence of alcohol and asked me to submit to a roadside breathalyzer test to verify this. The officer was unclear on whether this test was really voluntary or not. I hesitated and asked the officer if my license would be suspended if I refused the test, to which he replied "It may be, possibly for longer." I only took the "voluntary" test under the belief that my license would be suspended for a longer period of time if I refused the test. I blew a .13 after being told to blow into the device multiple times with a few seconds in between, and harder and harder on the last test. I was placed under arrest following this. After being arrested, the officer conducted a further field sobriety
If your question is that because the officer gave you a field test you have a defense the answer is no. You need to...
Would a recent dui hit & run conviction be important to bring to the attention of the probate court to help get her kicked off?
Currently pending trustee removal proceedings in probate court, I am petitioner. Grounds are breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty, lack of communication, fraud, and so forth.
If you have a strong enough argument on points that are directly relevant to your causes of action, I wouldn't discuss...