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Do I need to get an attory after being hit head on by a drunk driver? My 4 year old son was in teh car with me.
We have no serious injuries but the car is pretty bad, im a single mom and my insurance wont get me a rental car cause i dont have that on my plan . Shouldnt they be figting her insurnace to get me one? Im being told i personally have to go after her insurance which i thought that is what my insurance is for. also i dont have good enough credit to get a new vehicle if mine is totaled ... so im to drive around in a POS cause she hit me. That doesnt seem right.
If you were hit by a drunk driver, you can get pain and suffering money for both yourself and your baby. Click on...
I just received DMV Hearing that my lic. is going to be susp. for criminal gave wet reckless,no susp. is my licsusp4 1yr?
Tryin to find out if my CDL is going to be susp. for 1yr. or 4 months like the DMV hearing paper says. lawyer said its a 1yr susp. no matter what the paper says. Im confused and make my living using my CDL and could loose my job. I was not convicted of a DUI, but reduced to a wet/reckless with no susp. from criminal case. Have a family that depends on me so if u could help answer this question i would truely appreciate it. THANK YOU!
In a DUI case, your license can be suspended two ways: through a DMV hearing process, or as a result of the criminal...
With a DUI conviction is a interlock device a condition the judge makes for you to get your license reinstated?
I have 2 DUI convictions from over 5 years ago. I'm looking at the conditions of my probation? The judge never made it a condition for me to get a device interlock installed to drive? The mandatory actions unit in sac is saying I don't need it to get my license reinstated? If the judge never made it a condition? Does that mean I am not required to get it?
If it is not a term of your probation and DMV is stating that you do not need it, you might have answered your own...
Can a Felony DUI settled in court with House Arrest for 180 days be transferred from riverside co. to Sacramento co?
My case has been settled with 180 days of house arrest and 3 years probation, by transferred from riverside county to Sacramento county because currently i have no residence, however my family lives in contra Costa county (San Ramon) and that would be a more stable environment for me to complete my court requirement.
You will need the approval of the court to transfer your probation. Contact your attorney to have your case re-...
What are my chances of getting my DUI charge reduced?
I was sitting in my car on the side of a freeway in Contra Costa County when I was approached by an officer and ultimately arrested for drunk driving. I was not asked to complete a sobriety test nor read my Miranda rights. At the police station, I was given a Breathalyzer and blew a .16. I believe I'm almost positive I heard the officer say that those results were not being recorded - does that make any sense? Finally, I am not from California and although I am currently living here for work, I was hoping to relocate at the beginning of next year (~five months at the latest) Any chance of this even being possible? I was very cooperative throughout the arrest and following events.
California is a volitional movement state, meaning that you must have been driving to be convicted of drunk driving....
Can i contest a 3yr old drug DUI conviction
I recently learned that just because a drug may be in your system , it doesnt mean you are under the influance. Had i known that i would have faught mine conviction 3 yrs prior. Its my first on only DUI. The last three yrs of no driving has been costly. Id like to conest my conviction with this new discovery. Is there a statue with the courts or DMV?
Yes plus it sounds like you entered a plea and did not go to trial and lose. So you cannot appeal. You can file a...
DUI conviction following trial - court never sent abstract to DMV so license is valid...can I still legally drive?
Trial concluded several months ago. DMV driver history report available for purchase online still shows no conviction and license listed as **VALID**. No specific order from the court at sentencing re: license suspension, only to enroll in (and presumably, complete) DUI class. Also received formal H6 from local DMV (for class enrollment) which states same: License VALID, no convictions reported. Is it my responsibility to inform the DMV of conviction so that I can use proof of enrollment in classes to apply for restricted license, or am I legally allowed to drive without going to further trouble (except, of course, regularly checking license status via DMV online portal)?
Yes, maybe. This does happen more often than you'd think. Before doing so, however, I would double check the minute...