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DWI in a parking lot after someone backed into my car. Officer took me in for breath test and I passed but was still charged.
I called for assistance because other driver would not share insurance info. The officer talked to the lady that backed into me as I was traveling through the lot then arrested me. I was below legal limit and released but was still charged with DWI. The officer failed to get the other drivers info and did not ask who was driving my car as there were 3 people in it but just assumed that I was the driver. I was not. So a lawyer will be $1500 to go before the judge to say I was not driving , I was not drunk and the officer did not even do the job that he was called to do. And that was get the insurance info. So I also have over $1000 damage to my car. Is there a way to handle this that gets the facts straight but doesn t cost me the lawyer and damages to my car expenses?
Your best bet it to protect yourself and hire an experienced attorney. I know your in a tough spot but getting the...
What other factors can help in getting reductions for DWI Charge?
I was pulled over by an officer last night in Northern Virginia; he said that he saw me shopping past the stop line and backing to keep my car behind the line. He said he saw me doing me twice and it took a while for me pull over ( i didn't realize he was trying to pull me over without the alarm sound). He also said he can smell the alcohol. So I had to do a field sobriety test and a breathlyzer test, which i got about 0.12. I was arrested and had to do another breathlyzer test when i got to the station. This time, I got 0.08 which is right at the limit. So I was put in a detention cell for about an hour and was released with an arraignment date. After some research, i found that Virginia does not remove the record and it will last for 11 years for a first offense. I would like to get it reduced to reckless driving to save my careers and future graduate school plans and would like to know what other factors could help my case. I usually do not enjoy drinking; very occasional social drinking but I understand I passed the limit last night.
The best way to defend a dui is for the reason to stop. The officer may have a camera in his car that could help you....
I was found guilty of a DUI in Virginia in January. Will traveling to Bermuda for two days in August be a problem?
Hi. I was found guilty of a DUI in Virginia January of this year. I am not proud of this at all. I am supposed to attend a family event in Bermuda in August for two days and was wondering if this DUI is going to be a problem for me, as far as entering their country? I realize of course that I can't drive there, but I'm mainly worried about having a problem getting into the country. I have a passport that is up to date, etc. and so that is not a problem. Thank you in advance.
I would just let your bond company know and also your attorney if you have one.
Will I be looking at jail time for an alcohol violation in VA when my DUI occured in 2012 and I am no longer on probation?
My 1st Offense DUI occured in Nov. 2012. I chose not to apply for an Interlock until Nov 2016. ASAP held my case open for that final step since I was dealing with my issues. I had the IID installed for 6 months and failed an ignition test while moving the car over on private property to a garage where I could use an air compressor. My daughter blew in it from the passenger seat before I could stop her because she thought it would shut the car off and she was listening to music. Then we moved it again so we could wash it. I have witnesses that the car never went off the property. As the story goes...that really is what happened. Will I be charged in criminal court? My licence will be suspended in 27 days. I spoke to ASAP and they were very understanding but I realize this is serious. My case worker at ASAP said I will "at least" have the IID on the vehicle for another 6 months but, will I have jail time or another criminal charge? ASAP is going to send me a copy of the report, so they say. Dumb move, I know. Didn't really think at the time since I wasn't really going anywhere :-(
A dui first suspends your license for 12 months. Even a dui second suspends your license for at most 3 years. After...
What should I expect while trying to get my license restored after DUI charges?
I will try to be as specific as possible. I was convicted of a 3rd DUI offense in Virginia in 2010. I was sentenced to some jail time, got some fines and my license was revoked. I would like to get my license back now and am unsure what I should expect. I have completed all of my probation, paid all fines, and completed a substance program while in jail. The judue did not say anything about enrolling in VASAP. According to the DMV compliance report, I have to have an interlock system installed, but I don't currently own a car (I wanted to use my wife's car) and since VASAP wasn't required, I'm not sure how that affects my situation. They did say I am eligible to request full driving privileges from the court (as opposed to restricted). So I'm not sure where to go from here. Any advice (beyond "you need a lawyer" as that's a given) would be appreciated. Thank you.
You were sentenced under the law as it was in the code of Virginia in 2010. Going without a license is something you...
Why is the VA DMV telling me to have the interlock on my vehicle now when my 1st offense DUI conviction occurred on 11/16/2012?
According to the Judge's order I was convicted of a 1st offense DUI on 11/16/2012. My license was revoked for 1 year. I was ordered into ASAP, denied a restricted licence with the IID during the suspension then, upon restoration of my driving priveledge, required to only drive a vehicle with an interlock device for a period of at least 6 months. I paid all fines and costs immediately, successfully completed the Alcohol Safety Program per ASAP. At that point, I personally decided not to drive and sold my car until October of 2016. I looked at my DMV compliance summary and It listed all the tasks to complete in order to reinstate my license, including an interlock for 6 months, so I called ASAP and they reopened my case. I went and got the interlock installed Oct. 21, 2016. Yesterday I got a call from the Comissioner's office informing me that my license will be suspended in 28 days due to a failed test. My daughter blew from the driver's seat before I could stop her while I was moving my car across my property to the air compressor. I didn't hear the beep thru the lawn mower. I had some drinks but the car was only moved across my property. Now I can't have the device removed. Huh?
This is really pretty simple, in spite of the long story. In order to be reinstated, you have to go 6 months straight...
Can I be convicted of a Dui if I was in the back seat when the police pulled over?
My friends and I were coming back from a party when his car's clutch burned out, making my friend have to pull over. There were 5 people in the car, all under age and all intoxicated. The person on the steering wheel and the passenger both have suspended licenses and I was sitting in the back when police arrived. The officers said that they were firstly trying to assist us with the broken down car but once they smelled alcohol they made more investigations. The two people in the front had their license suspended and therefore agreed to say someone else was driving. They told the officers that I was the one who had been driving so the officers made me step out of the car and perform sobriety tests. They said my BAC was really high and arrested me and took me to the police station. There I was processed and charged with DUI. This, my question is whether the officers have enough evidence to charge/ convict me of this DUI. What are my chances of fighting it? Also is there anyway that I won't face a drivers license suspension?
They had enough to charge. But the question is there enough to convict. What will the other people in the car testify...