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What happens if I dont take a test?
In April I was charged with physical child neglect for my daughter being tardy for school. It's been months n now they want me to take random drug tests. I've never been into trouble or even pulled over.
You could face sanctions for refusing to do so. Is it court ordered due to some criminal charge? If so it could be a...
Do DUI's without a CDL count the same as DUI's with a regular driving license.
I have 2 DUI's, one in Wisconsin, one in North Dakota. I was a CDL holder until my second DUI, received in ND, set me up for a lifetime suspension on my CDL. The first DUI I received in Wisconsin I was only a holder of a regular drivers license. My question is this, I never had the one year suspension to my CDL after my first DUI and was able to get my CDL 7 months after, so should my second DUI, but first with a CDL, be the one year suspension and do I have any case there to try and get it back. It's been 3 years since my second DUI that took my CDL for life. Thank you.
I'm not certain about other states, but in North Dakota there's an absolute prohibition for life following the second...
I received a dui in Nebraska. I am a citizen of Missouri and have a valid Missouri drivers license.
I have been to court and paid the fines. I recently received a notice to surrender my Missouri drivers license to the State of Nebraska for a period of 60 days. what if the State of Missouri wants my license too? I'm confused.
Typically the state that issued the license will be the state that will issue its license suspension (even if the DUI...
What do you do if u get held at gunpoint to drive and get a DUI
going to lose my license and the cops said they could not do anything
When a person is charged with DUI in North Dakota, there are two separate processes: the criminal prosecution for DUI...
Can minors be questioned by police with out a guardian/intoxicated guardian
I am a minor one time I was detained and interrogated while my father was drunk are they allowed to even ask him if it is ok to interrogate me while his is intoxicated and another time I was questioned about a stolen/crashed truck the police questioned me without my guardian and then tried to conclude that I did it so is it legal to be interrogated without a guardian or when your guardian is drunk?
Consent my be freely and intelligently given, so I would say you have a possible issue. The better question would...
What are my chances of winning at a Jury Trial for charge of DUI?
Pulled over for speeding, 42 in a 30 mph zone. Officer smelled alcohol coming from my car. PBT was 0.14. He then conducted the HGN, Walk and Turn, One Legged Stand. Said I failed the HGN and Walk and Turn (failed the Turn part, not Walk). Passed One Legged stand. I was arrested. There was absolutely no slurred speech, stumbling when I was walking, I was driving perfectly when pulled over, no lane changing, swerving. I was just speeding. I refused blood test. At the DMV hearing, my attorney proved the officer conducted the HGN incorrectly. The DMV hearing officer threw out the HGN. License still suspended for refusing blood test. City Attorney offered plea bargain of Reckless Driving, no jail time, 1 year unsupervised probation. What are my chances of winning @ a Jury Trial?
If you decide to exercise your right to a trial it is always a roll of the dice. Unless you do a judge or bench trial...
How long will my girlfriend be in jail if she has a bench warrant for Mic?
We were driving home and a cop pulled her friend over and they found alcohol so they breath alized us and she blew a 0.02 and missed her court date.
Why did she have a court date if she was at a .02%? Was she charged with something and did she miss a court date?...