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Can I get dash cam footage of my dui after time?
I was sentenced for a DUI in March. I was just curious is if I can obtain dash cam footage of my sobriety tests and what not. I would just like to see it out of curiosity. Wasn't sure if that was something I could get my hands on by request or not. Thought someone might have an answer. Thanks!
.if available it should be part of the normal discovery process they typically will destroy this type of thing unless...
Is it possible for me to get a verbal warning from my probation officer for a 1st time violation?
I got a DUI and now have 6 months probation. my probation officer is nice and I think fair. She waited a week before calling me to have me make an appt with her at her office
It is very possible that they will give you one change. Can't tell from your question if you were on probation and you...
I am on probation nd got a DUS will I be violated for this
On probation for domestic nd 1st offense dui
You should consult with an attorney in your area. A DUI is a serious offense and often could lead to revocation of...
Can a 2009 unlawful arrest, dui charge be expunged in nebraska given circumstances? State of Ne.vs. McCave cited 28neb500
In nebraska 2009 my vehicle was Parked at a residential house driveway with no public access. Cops showed up claiming they had an anonymous call about involvement in accident and was dui. I was arrested & charged with dui. I explained i had not been involved in any accident. I hired an attorney who claimed my best and only option/ interest was to plea guilty for refusal to submit and reduce dui. I inquired about the allegations supposedly being probable cause for police involvement, & the attrny stated there is & was no mention of any accident or involvement. I feel as though I was a part of a scam. What can I do if anything at this point. ThAnkyou for any and all information you are able to provide.
Unless Nebraska is drastically different from other states, typically a conviction cannot be expunged based on legal...
Can a probation officer go against what a judge rules?
My boyfriend was picked up for 4th offense DUI around Thanksgiving in another state. The state of his residency has agreed to take him back and are willing to work with his probation terms. However, the po assigned to his case in the other state will not allow him to go back home to his family and judge even if the judge agrees. The lawyer we hired said there was nothing we could do? I want to know what we can do to get him back home and working so that we can continue to pay bills and support our children.
You need to listen to the lawyer that you hired. That lawyer knows far more about your case and situation than anyone...
Is it possible to get a pardon or ? in Nebraska on a 1st. offense DUI? for a CDL?
I got a DUI in my car not a truck it was not aggravated.
The practical answer is NO. Is it possible? Yes. Are you a friend of the Governor? Is he willing to risk his...
Can i apply for my citizenship with DUI in my records?
Hi everyone, I got a DUI last april and i have paid the fine , taken all the requirements and done with probation 6 months probation periods. Its my first DUI. Can go ahead and apply for my citizenship ? Thanks.
You should not apply for citizenship (form n-400) without having your record reviewed by an attorney beforehand, given...