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Can a back ground check show dwi from 1986?
i was 19yrs old when i got a dwi. I'm 47now I'm wanting to get a job that would require driving a company truck.if they do a background check will they see it from 1986??
It is always a possibility that any prior criminal history which has not been ordered expunged or sealed will show up,...
Court appointed attorney?
A friend of mine got a d.u.I. inside city limits. She has no job and they told her she can't get court appointed counsel ? I told her that's wrong. Its a Miranda right isn't it ?
As long as there is no real possibility of jail time appointed counsel is not required. Miranda is the right to remain...
I was told i needed to do satop. Back in 2009. Would i still need to go reinstate? Or is there a probabtion time limit like 7 ?
I hired a lawyer and he got my dui off my record but still had to do satop. I blew under. And i cooperated with the offices fully.
There is no time limit to complying with the requirements for reinstatement of your license. Although you may not be on...
What happens if I miss a week of my satop classes?
I've been sick all week and haven't been able to make it to my classes. I'm gonna make up for it next week if I can.
A person on probation or otherwise required to attend SATOP as a result of an agreement with the prosecutor, should...
I have a pending dui, child endangerment and open containter against me and going through custody can I win?
I got into a wreck with my child in the car in Ok, where I live. I had my daughter for the weekend who lives in Mo with her father and went to school there. I still haven't been convicted but now were are going through a custody suit, she is now in first grade and has went to the same school since K, do I have a chance to win full custody? The father has nothing bad on his record.
Well thanks for helping your case by putting on the part about the .27. You get convicted of those things then the...
I have an MIP for Marijuana possession, 17 years old, will I have my license suspended if I wasn’t driving?
The officer liked me a lot. I was in the passenger seat with marijuana. They told me I wasn’t in much trouble. They told me if i plead guilty id be fine. I should just get it explunged later and what not. My concern is if I wasn’t driving and the car was parked, do I get my license suspended anyway?
Don't take legal advice from a police officer. It's possible that your license will be suspended if you were...
What should I do? I missed my court date on a DWI.
I missed my court date on a DWI and was scared. This was 3 years ago. I have not been driving and live far away from where I was charged. I want to turn myself in and take care of this. This is my 4th dwi with a decade in between. I've been told it's a misdemeanor. Do you know how long I'd spend in jail and if I'd ever be able to get my license back. Thank you
You should first retain an experienced Missouri criminal defense lawyer to represent you before you do anything along...