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  • Diamond Bar man accused of sexting boys

    Friday | via Inland Valley Daily Bulletin 

    A Diamond Bar man was arrested and booked earlier this week on suspicion of sexting boys and offering them money for sex acts, authorities said Friday. Reynato Garcia, 35, of Diamond Bar was arrested Wednesday as he passed through security at Los Angeles International Airport.


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  • Diamond Bar woman killed amid family property dispute

    Monday Apr 6 | via San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

    DIAMOND BAR >> A popular San Dimas golf club and a dispute over the ownership of a fire-damaged home nestled in the rolling Covina Hills could figure prominently in the story behind the slaying of a 77-year-old Diamond Bar woman whose remains were found in a SUV in Orange County last month . While sheriff's homicide detectives said any motive in the slaying of Young Ja Lee remains unclear and that interviews with her family members are ongoing, they acknowledged having some clues in the case following the arrest of the woman's daughter-in-law Unyoung “April” Lee, 42. “We have reports that their relationship was somewhat contentious at times,” Sheriff's Lt.


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  • San Dimas woman arrested in slaying of step-mother

    Mar 26, 2015 | via Whittier Daily News 

    DIAMOND BAR >> Sheriff's officials Thursday announced the arrest of a 42-year-old San Dimas woman who was found driving in Orange County with the remains of her slain step-mother in an SUV Wednesday following a fire at the step-mothers Diamond Bar home . Unyoung Lee had been a “person of interest” in the investigation ever since she was found driving in Tustin early Wednesday morning, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said.


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Diamond Bar Law

What does this mean the suspected was tested with an in- field test kit
Detail examples
Usually a narcotics presence test, which are portable and carried by officers on the scene.
A 2nd DUI offense. We have a family member who has a 45 day sentence, and prebooks tomorrow.
Is jail @ 45 days better than work release? And at 45 days will he serve, what 60%. He is to report to the Santa Ana jail for pre booking at 6:30 pm. Is this normal? We think he was giving an option of house monitoring, and work release. I think they will let him know if he qualifies for any. What is the best option? We think he should do the 45 days, and possibly be released in 30.
He should contact his attorney. His attorney will have the answers.
A celebrity punched me in a restaurant for NO reason. (showing off or drunk???) I wanted to press charges but cops didn't.
Now I want to sue civilly. I have a bruise on my arm and the only witness was the friend of the celeb who reeled in shock after it happened. Restaurant owner said camera doesn't cover that area of the restaurant, even though I'm sure it's a cover up. What are the mechanics or logistics of taking this to a jury, or seeking settlement? I'm afraid of death threats and other complications if I take this public. Thanks!
What you have to do is to discuss each fact of your assertion with a local California civil attorney who practices in...
Should I ask the DA to fill out "failure to file charges" form so that the DMV does not impose their suspension?
I was pulled over for tinted windows and an air freshener hanging from my rearview mirror by CHP. I was then given the FST's and the breathalizer (which would not get a reading) and the offcers could not determine if I was DUI so they took me to their station for another breathalizer. My results were .16. I suffer from physcological problems so at this time in the station I blacked out and started threatening to harm myself. I was taken to jail to be booked but denied entry due to my m state. I was then taken to a hospital held on a 51/50. My doctor had an order to release me back into custody after the 51/50 but instead informed the CHP that I was being held on a 52/50, at that time she was infromed all charges were being dropped. Its been 31 days since. I was not given a court date/place
If you can get the DA to fill it now why wouldnt you do it. Also the DA has up to a year to file the case. So if they...
I was arrested for drunk driving while intoxicated and I was not drunk, at 11:00 PM ,i had 2 whiskey at 12 midnight i had 1 more
I was stopped 2:17 AM & asked 2 take sobriety test.I thought I passed every test.I declined to take the breathanalyzer at scene. the officer arrested me, treated me badly & I said that I am going to sue you &I think he then decided to make my life miserable. He took me for the breath test at station. I blew first time & the reading came up as insufficient . second time I blew so ard & the reading again came as insufficient & they took me 4 blood test. I asked to take the breath test again,they declined. their refusal of taking me to rstroom made me even more angry. We arrived at the hospital at 3:45 & they gave me a paper to sign saying I do not have a heart condition. because of my heart condition, I asked to see a DR b4 signing, they remained silent, and after 40 mins,they said 2 late
You can easily be looking at a DUI with a refusal to submit to a chemical test. You should hire an attorney as soon as...
Can factual errors in the Probable Cause section of the DS 367 get my DUI dismissed?
I was arrested for DUI, and when I got the police report in the DMV discovery packet, I noticed factual errors. The officer essentially states that I swerved into a southbound onramp, before being observed speeding on a northbound freeway, from point A to point B, but point B is 5 miles to the south. Can I argue that the DS 367 violates EC 1280 (c) that the report be "trustworthy" and is inadmissible hearsay?
It won't get your case dismissed in court but it could be used to impeach the officer's testimony that his testimony is...
What's the average cost to hire a lawyer to handle a first offense DUI case?
I'm curious as I recently received such an offense.
2,500 - 7,500