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What are my chances for getting charges reduced and keeping my license.
Pulled over for speeding 64 in a 55. Officer asked me to sit in his car with him. Asked me if I had drank anything, told him I had 1. Blew in breathalyzer in his car. He just said were going to the station, I asked what it showed he didn't tell me. Went to police station blew in their machine blew .095. The y gave me my ticket and I walked out the police station where my wife picked me up. My question is upon some research I have read that there is a waiting period before you take a breathalyzer. There is a 14 minute difference between ticket time and arrest time. Whole process only took 45 minutes from pulling over to time I was at my house.
Consult a DWI attorney. The officer is required to check your mouth for foreign matter, make sure you aren't throwing...
I received a DUI on May 28th, a DWI on June 29th, and another DWI on July 2nd received another DWI. What will be my punishment
I posted bone on the first one but have not went to trial, the second one they let me go after an hour, and the third one I posted bail. Also if I have fifty fifty custody of my child can this affect that if the child was not with me?
Your question is difficult to answer without further information (i.e., municipal vs. state court, prior findings of...
Can my probation officer keep me on probation?
I got a DWI (reduced to C & I in court) and ontop of fines and court costs I was ordered to complete SATOP and received 6 months probation. My PO has already stated that I have to complete my SATOP before she'll let me off probation, even though it is past the mandated six months. I'll be completing the SATOP this weekend, but she has now stated that I must get my license back before she'll let me off. I was wondering if she can do this. It isn't legally required of me to have a drivers liscense unless I intend to drive. It just seems to me that she shouldn't be allowed to do this. Any advice/help would be much appreciated
The only requirements you have to follow are those ordered by the court.
Can my boyfriend( who is on probation and n drug court for 3 DWI) and I get married without the courts approval ?
My boyfriend is a 3 time dwi offender. Wearing a alcohol foot bracelet, in drug court, and we wanna get married. I have nothing on my criminal background.
Is an out of state dui expungement possible?
I have a missouri state license, and was charged with a dui in kentucky. Can I get it off my missouri driving record?
I do not practice in MO, but the chances are very slim that you can get the KY DUI off your record in MO. In WI, for...
Can you get a hardship license after a 3rd DWI?
I got my 3rd DWI 8 years after my 2nd and am labeled as prior and persistant. I now have 1 year sober and am doing great, working attend meetings ect. I need a license and would appreciate it now more than I ever would have b/c I actually work and go places.
Hopefully a MO DUI Defense Attorney will read this question and answer it as it differs from state to state. Go to www....
How much time percentange does one serve in prison on a Prior and Persistant DWI (3rd)
If a 4 year sentence is imposed on a 3rd DWI and is labeled prior and persistant how much time will one actually serve in prison if sent to do thier time. I know there is a percent one serves on a prior and persistant offense and im thinking its 40% but I have heard that its 85%.
Generally speaking, clients in county jail only get 15% credit for the time they serve. This means that for every 15...