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License reinstatement for out of state dui
5 years ago I got a dui in Missouri. 1st offense. Now I have been cleared to get license back in Illinois, but Missouri is saying I need a breathalyzer installed for 6 months to get Missouri driving privileges back. Can I still get my license back in IL and just not drive in Missouri?
Call the Illinois Secretary of State at 217-524-0664 BAAID Unit and clarify your eligibility to apply for a driver's...
I have two dui's thirty years ago, i received a permit and drove on it for a year. i was required to have the baiid device.
i didn't have a car at the time, so nine months into my permit i got a car and the device. i was reinstated and got my lic back, but had to complete the year requirement on the baiid. 10 months into the year required i got two violation's back to back. i have received a letter for explanation, what can i expect? can they take my license back?
Do not send your own letter in. Write it and then go over it with a DUI License Restoration lawyer. Make sure to get...
Eligible for Illinois license?
I have had 1 dui in the past 5 years and according to the IL dmv I am eligible for license reinstatement. Will I have any issues getting it if my driving privileges are suspended in Missouri still (where the dui happened)?
I am a bit confused by the facts that you presented. If Illinois suspended your license based on the Missouri...
Please help?
My boyfriend got pulled over for driving without an license and drunk driving in Champaign Illinois my boyfriend was fined $500 the judge gave him more time to get the money only have $200 more to pay and he doesn't have the money and he's looking at 90 days in jail going on August 2nd of 2015 can you tell me how will i go about bailing him out (im in California) or will he have the chance of doing house arrest since its his first time ever being in trouble with the law.
First he should explain his circumstances, show that he has made his best effort to pay and request more time.
What can happen if I am driving on a Restricted Driving Permit with a BAIID device installed, and I have a BAIDD violation?
I recently got locked out of my vehicle for three unsuccessful attempts to start it within 30 minutes, with the BAIID reading .05 or more. The reasons for this are actually fairly innocent as I was only trying to back up my vehicle to throw garbage in it on my own property, and didn't think I had enough alcohol in my system to set off the BAIID, but I realize the Secretary of State will most likely not believe this excuse. So what can happen to me? This happened about three weeks after the BAIID was installed, so does it even get reported? Should I tell them the story or just not respond when I get a letter? Will this be considered one violation, or two? I have read the law but am somewhat confused by what to expect.
Assuming the facts are as you state and that you are on an RDP and not an MDDP, the likely outcome is a three mos....
What information and paperwork will i need before trying to schedule a reinstatement hearing?
I got my second DUI in 2008. The first being in 1998. I have completed all of the classes and probation is complete. I think i am eligible now to get my license back but not sure where to start.
You will need to learn all the law and procedures used to address reinstatement. As for papers, you will need your...
I got stopped by a police offecer and taken to jail for suspended license wich i did not know my license was not suspended
My insurance was cancelled and i did not know and the secretary of state never notified me that my licence was suspended i have my court date next month what can i expect? should i take a lawyer?
Yes, you should speak to a lawyer immediately. Your insurance carrier would have notified you when your insurance was...