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How can they summons me to court for a DWI I got in August 2011 is that legal in Texas
In court yesterday they sentenced me to 2 years probation 40 hours community service and a 1500 fine is there anything I can do now since it had been 5 years
The statute of limitations for filing the charge of DWI is two years for a misdemeanor. As long as the state charged...
I refused dwi blood and breath test over 70 days ago and driver license is still valid?? Do u have a explanation for this??
I thought Texas gives you a 41 day driving permit before suspension on dwi refusal testing??
In some jurisdictions, the license is not suspended until there has actually been a conviction. You should use this...
In regards to a DWI in a town hours away from home, is it better to get an attorney from the arresting area, or closer to home?
It happened in a rural town outside of Clarksville, TX (Red River County) and I live in Plano, TX about 2 hours away. I'm concerned that a lawyer here wouldn't have the upperhand in the form of connections that others from that area would. Does this play an important factor?
I suggest that you hire an attorney with experience in the court where the case will be prosecuted. However, this is...
Question about dwi/dui?
Idk if a dui is for a minor and dwi is for over 21 but i had an arrest warrant in 2015 and didnt really know what it was. I was 20 years old. I knew it had to do something with being intoxicated or under the influence but i called to the city municipal court for almost a year and never got any information back. The incident happened on august 11 2015 and i got arrested august 11 2016 for that warrant during a traffic stop for speeding. I was 21 at this point. I went to the county jail and am currently on probation til august this year. My question is that i wasnt found with alcohol only drug paraphernalia and was given the dwi with all the bells and whistles. Was it right for the court to charge me with a dwi when the incident happened a year prior?
For a misdemeanor DWI, the statute of limitations is 2 years, meaning they have up to 2 years from the alleged date of...
Do I need an attorney for a DWI?
DWI in Irving Tx on May 19 2017. Did the breathalyzer it was 1.27. I think this means I'm guilty. I'm not sure. I have heard if you plead guilty they give your license back sooner. Court date is June 22, 2017 History: - I got a ticket for public intoxication, around Jan 9,2017 -speeding ticket I 1999 -I have never been in trouble before not even growing up Do I need an attorney? And why I need one
Yes you do and why you ask? Because of this: DWI in Irving Tx on May 19 2017
What happens when you get a DWI or DUI at age 18?
My cousin is in jail right now and he's 18 years old first time and he got arrested for driving and driving and he was drunk what would the consequences and fines be for a 18 year old?
The same thing that happens if you get a DUi and you are 20, or 30, or 50, or 90.... The State prosecutes you, you...
How can I go about my dwi
I was on probation in 2014 for a dwi. But stop going to see my p.o due to not being able to pay. But have not received anything in the mail about my probation violation.
Contact the attorney who handled your DWI and explain your current financial situation. There are some options available.