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  • France considers further reduction of its troops in CAR

    Wednesday Aug 19 | via KAUZ 

    A U.S. customs agent will not be charged in the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old Detroit man, the Wayne County prosecutor announced Wednesday. A U.S. customs agent will not be charged in the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old Detroit man, the Wayne County prosecutor announced Wednesday.


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  • As Chinese yuan falls more, some see little cause fo...

    Wednesday Aug 12 | via KAUZ 

    China's currency fell further Wednesday following a surprise change in its exchange rate mechanism that rattled global markets and threate... A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of a Detroit newspaper in a dispute over access to mug shots of defendants in federal cases. The government must release mug shots of federal criminal defendants in Michigan and three other states, an appeals panel said Wednesday in a clash over privacy and public records.


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Arrested for DWI in Aug 2014, Refused breath test and was taken to jail, bonded out next day, no previous record.
No previous driving or tickets. I am 57. DA wants me to take deal. 2 years probation drug testing etc. I have never been in trouble in my life. Totally clean driving record. Telling me Now I must call 2 days a week and come in for drug test if they so choose I also have to pay for the test. . I have not been to court yet and have not been found guilty.
Do you have an attorney? If not, why not? What is the question?
I refused dwi blood and breath test over 70 days ago and driver license is still valid?? Do u have a explanation for this??
I thought Texas gives you a 41 day driving permit before suspension on dwi refusal testing??
In some jurisdictions, the license is not suspended until there has actually been a conviction. You should use this...
In regards to a DWI in a town hours away from home, is it better to get an attorney from the arresting area, or closer to home?
It happened in a rural town outside of Clarksville, TX (Red River County) and I live in Plano, TX about 2 hours away. I'm concerned that a lawyer here wouldn't have the upperhand in the form of connections that others from that area would. Does this play an important factor?
I suggest that you hire an attorney with experience in the court where the case will be prosecuted. However, this is...
Dwi cdl
If one gets a dwi can they still use their authority with other drivers?
The question doesn't make sense. What "authority" are you talking about?
DWI charge for prescription drugs
My husband was charged for DWI for prescription drugs. His breath test was negative for alcohol.he had 2 old DWI more than 10 years old. He has a parole hold on him plus immigration hold. Can he be released pending his DWI case based on his mental health issues.
The parole hold seems to be the big issue as far as his release. The judge in the court that his DWI case lands in will...
Angleton parole board & DWI cases
My husband is in Tdcj for the first time for a 3RD DWI charge, he was given a 4 year sentence and has done over a year. He is currently under parole review and said he heard the angleton parole board is hard on DWI offenses, is this true? Would it be possible for him to be approved for parole at this point?
Speak to the attorney or the public defender who handled his case. They'll have his actual record to review. This,...
Arrested for DWI plead down to wreckless driving will that affect me in getting a commercial drivers license
Arrested for DWI. plead down to wreckless driving under differed adjudication back in 1999
The 1999 wreckless driving will probably NOT affect your ability to get a CDL. Good Luck