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I am a Florida resident but got a DUI in TN. I pled guilty and my case is now closed. My question is about obtaining a license.
TN has suspended my license for one year for refusal to blow. I am a Florida resident and need to obtain a hardships or restricted license to get to and from work. However, the state of FL defers to other states. How can I get my license reinstated for a restricted license from TN for my FL job as a FL resident?
You must wait the year imposed by TN
My question is how can I get out of court referral or transfer to a program in the state that live?
I was arrested for a DUI a month after my 21st birthday in Andalusia, Alabama. My 21st birthday was May 17th of 2013. It was my first offense. I have now been in court referral for over a year. I failed my very first drug test for THC therefore I was put in level 2 court referral classes. I have now attended 5 weeks of court referral classes and over a year's worth of monitoring appointments, but I have lived in Destin, Florida since then for work. During court, I asked the judge about transferring and he said it was fine and to let my CRO know during my evaluation. Well I informed her and she said that she would not transfer me because i failed my test. She said she wanted to keep an eye on me herself. I can no longer afford the travel. I need help on what I can do.
You need to consult with an attorney in Alabama. Good luck.
Bruised all over after being shackled and handcuffed too tight for 9 hours after DUI arrest/ excessive police force?
My friend got arrested for DUI (first time). She was told to take a breath test and took it. She was crying and scared and in no way resisted arrest. She was then taken to a police station where she was handcuffed and shackled. She told the officers that the handcuffs where hurting her and were too tight. She got a reply basically saying something like "there are not supposed to be fun". She was then locked up into a holding cell. She repeatedly told them the cuffs where to tight and that she was in pain. The shackles and handcuffs were connected with chain. She got no water. Her rights were not read until 4 hours later. After 9 hours she had bruises all over ankles and wrists and on her back. She never had an police encounter and posted no threat. Is that custom? Also needs DUI lawyer.
This site has a search function do find a dui defense attorney. In addition to the criminal action there is an...
How often do first degree misdemeanors for a minor in possession of alcohol get dismissed?
I have retained legal representation but I am just curious if there is a chance the case can get dismissed once it goes to court. I was not difficult or disrespectful with the officers who arrested me so other than having another ticket on my record there really is no other issue with this case.
Cases don't get dismissed because you are respectful or not; they get dismissed through skilled legal maneuvering,...
I had a DUI 19 Years ago in Georgia, I fulfilled all the requirements. I moved to Florida 17 years ago
I went to get an address change on my FL drivers license 2 days ago and it came up in their computer that my license is suspended in Georgia. I called the drivers bureau in Ga and they said I have to complete a 12 hr DUI class in Florida ( where I live) and fax the completion to them and pay a $200 fine. I called the local DUI school and they said I can't register unless its court appointed. It doesn't seem right that I should have to go to school again for a violation from 19 years ago when I completed the school back then. How am I supposed to get it court appointed also?
It may not seem right, but it's the law and the correct procedure. Unless you want to go to the State of Georgia to...
Ignition interlock with 1st dui and refusal to blow?
Will I be required to install IID by the DMV for my first dui with refusal to blow when applying for a hardship license? Thank you
You should contact a local DUI lawyer. Many dui lawyers offer a free consultation; however, even if you pay for a...
Can I get an MIP off my record if I already paid the ticket and did not go to court?
I was in Destin, FL and received a Minor in Possession charge for having a beer can in my hand and not being 21. At the time, I just paid the ticket and knew I would not make that mistake again. However, though I am from TN, I go to school for nursing in AL, and recently heard from a current nurse that she had made the same mistake when she was about my age. She said that when she applied for nursing school, the MIP hurt her chances and she had to go through this big ordeal to get it dealt with. Now I am scared because instead of going to court and seeing my options, I just paid for it. Can I do something about it now or am I out of luck?
You may be able to file a motion to amend the disposition of the ticket to withhold the conviction. Consult with a...