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I got charged with public drunk and wasnt drinking i was having a seizure i stayed in jail for 2 days til i came to
They didnt carry me to hospital do i have a chance if i file a lawsuit
Your question is tough to answer without knowing all the facts. You should schedule a consultation with an experienced...
Can my 33 year old son be charged with DUI Other without having a drug screen taken?
My son was arrested for DUI/careless driving. He was stopped at a stop sign and when turning, a police officer who drove by said he swerved while turning. He was taken to the police department and given a breath test 3 times and all results were .5. While at the police office, 4 police officers were questioning him and asked him if he took any kind of medication and what it is. He told them yes and what it is because he thought he had to since they were police officers. My son is now on disability because of a calcified spine and other severe spine problems, and also, under psychiatric care for extreme anxiety and bi-polar. He did not take any meds before going out, and the guidelines say, "do not take until it is known whether or not it will impair the ability to operate machinery." He was not given a drug test, but an officer called us after his release and said his ticket was changed from dui/careless driving to dui-other because of what he told them about the meds he takes and that he loses his license for 90 days. Is this legal, or grounds for dismissal of the charge? He has no arrests in the past 5 years minimum.
Yes, he can be and apparently has been, charged. Being convicted, on the other hand, is altogether a different issue....
Can i fight this. Can you be charged for public drunk in your yard and also with dog in large?
i live in gautier ms.. i was in my yard and got charged with dog in large and public drunk.
No to the public drunk. Consult with one of us local attorneys and see how we can help you. Many of us offer free...
Will i get in major trouble from failing a drug test from secondhand smoking pot?
I was with some friends and they were smoking pot in a small shed and i was there to make sure nothing went wrong. And when i got home my mom informed me i have a drug test on tuesday. And im positive im gonna fail it. but this will be my first failed drug test.
If you are on probation, a failed test will violated you. If you are on Pretrial Release, yes you are in trouble....
How can I be arrested while walking for a dui and can I sue
I was walking up to my boy car and they had him pulled over all of a sudden another officer pulls up and arrest me for dui while walking
Based on your facts, no. Check your ticket and double-check to make sure it is a DUI and not a public drunk or other...
My son was sentenced in 2008 20 years 7 suspended 13 to serve? he got out in 7 went to fl got in trouble did two extradited him
back here probation violation and hizs sentencig order says 20 years 7 suspended 13 to do credit for time served,but he didnt get credit for the seven years he did they have him as though he just commited crime 1st probation violation 13 years /i am having hard time trieing to get this straight please in the name of god tell me what i have to do thank you
Impossible to answer without all the judgments and sentences for all his cases knowing his credit or good time.
Can this US Supereme Court ruling in which was formerly in New Mexico State Court apply to a state felony DUI case?
Begay v. United States, 553 U.S. 137 (2008), is a United States Supreme Court case which held that felony driving while intoxicated is not a "violent felony" for purposes of the Armed Career Criminal Act. Begay v. United States Seal of the United States Supreme Court.svg Supreme Court of the United States Argued January 15, 2008 Decided April 16, 2008 Full case name Larry Begay v. United States Docket nos. 06-11543 Citations 553 U.S. 137 (more) 128 S. Ct. 1581; 170 L. Ed. 2d 490; 2008 U.S. LEXIS 3474; 76 U.S.L.W. 4228; 21 Fla. L. Weekly Fed. S 188; 08 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 4462, 2008 Daily Journal D.A.R. 5389 Prior history Writ of certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. 470 F.3d 964. Holding Felony driving while intoxicated is not a “violent felony” within meaning of section of the Armed Career Criminal Act imposing special mandatory 15-year prison term upon felons who unlawfully possess a firearm and who have three or more convictions for violent felonies.
You have already asked this question once. The answer is NO. Begay has to do with the sentence in a gun case. It has no...