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HHow do I make this go away or what do I do ?
Got a 3rd Dwi felony over 10 years ago was given 5 years Doc judge suspended all but 30 days in jail 30 in rehab i done 2 years house arrest an three years paper paid everything all fines and probation completed everything been with out license over 10 years went to get license they told me I have to put interlock in my vehicle I was not aware of this I paid my dept to sociaty 10 years prior please help me me
There is a distinction between the criminal justice system and the administrative rules of the Department if Public...
A marijuana joint is found on the premises of the job should everyone be tested or only the people that work in that area and ot
They claim that a marijuana joint was found on the premises in a Pacific work area and they target only certain guys and there's other people who has access to this level of the work area but they wasn't tested should the whole plant been tested for not do they have any legal right if they came up positive
Who gets tested by the employer is up to the employer. There is no requirement that everyone who conceivably could...
Charged with dwi. Blew 0. 1st blood test negative. Attorney advised plead guilty. No Miranda rights given. Can we fight the plea
Was diagnosed with concussion. DA resubmitted blood test .Now they say positive for synthetic marijuana that has same symptoms as concussion. Our high dollar attorney advised to take plea and deal with it. Judge said license would not be revoked and received paperwork Saturday 17 May that license were to be surrendered for a year. This was a first offense. This will cost employment. We are both retired military. Never been in trouble with the law. Can you assist?
I'm afraid that once you have pled guilty, your options are somewhat limited. You do have a right to appeal within a...
Can you receive a dui while in a house?
I was driving home one sleety and rainy night and had a few things going on. I drive a standard vehicle, had my dog in my lap , have an interlocking device and was texting. Now obviously I was driving poorly but someone followed me about 20 miles and had reported me as possible intoxicating. I get home , unload groceries , bring dog inside and about 5-10 min later a cop comes and arrest me for DUI? There is no evidence nor did any law enforcement agency ever witness me driving , nor can anyway attest to what I did when I got home? How is this possible?
Interesting question. Best answered by DUI attorney's, switching to that category.
Can anything be done for my husband to be released early
My husband has been in jail since October in ville platte Louisiana then transferred to Marksville he was told he was to be released January 1 but now they say august 12 and we don't know why what can I do
It may be possible to get your husband released early, depending on the circumstances. You need to contact a criminal...
II have 4 dwi on my record
those dwi or 20yrs plus ago with that being said is it possible for me to purchase a gun
Changing to DUI Law, as it involves DUI's impact on other rights. Hopefully an experienced DUI attorney, licensed in...
How long after a car accident can you be charged with a dwi or dui?
My spouse was in a wreck 7mths ago he was hospitalized he was never charged on seen or at hospital last mth he was arrested for dui because of the incident. Can they come back 6mths after the fact and press charges on that incident ?
Yes they can. They were waiting for blood results. He needs an attorney to examine the discovery. There are ways to...