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I recently recieved a DUI and had a child shortly after. I am now fighting with the mother of my child to see our daughter. I want to go file for joint custody but am afraid that not having a drivers license will effect my chances. I have a girlfriend that takes me to and from work and to and from picking up my daughter when I can see here.
Can it have an impact? Absolutely. "Joint" 50/50 custody isn't all that common unless parents agree to it....
Well now it was brought up how can I get a copy of the dc27
You should consult a DUI attorney immediately. The suspension of your license is automatic unless you request a...
I was pulled over and blew a .08 into the breathalyzer. The cop wrote me a warning ticket for failure to maintain. They then left my vehicle on the side of the road and gave me a ride to a hotel. Did I just get lucky? Can it get brought back up later on and if so how long do they have until they can charge me?
Yes, you got lucky because you could have been arrested and booked. It seems like the officer would have written up a...
I'm a civilian who received a DUI at a military base while in the Delayed Entry Program (very stupid, I know). In the written citation I was given, it says that I'll be notified by mail of my court date. My local attorney said there is nothing he can do for me besides the DMV part, since it's a Federal case. He said I needed to find out the status of my Federal case, as it's been ten days and I've still not received anything in the mail yet. Please help direct me to where I can search this information or a number I can call. I looked everywhere on the ticket and there is no such number.
You can call the U.S. District Court of Kansas in your district. Call the clerk and give them your name and information...
I was on a misdemeanor probation for a DUI in KS since 2012, with with a 6 month underlying, had a PV, and moved a couple of states away because it seems that the environment back in KS and job wasn't the best. Can I be extradited on the probation violation or any charges related to moving out of state, failure to report, etc? And could I get a driver's license in the new state? What are Kansas' extradition limits in layman's terms? I know I can never go back there again, but is it likely for them to extradite? And also would states like TX, OK, or ones that are part of the "interstate alliance" (I think that's what a buddy said) be likely to extradite me back to KS?
Contact your attorney that handled the case, they will be in the best position to answer your questions.
I purchased a car from a friend a over the weekend and got pulled for driving on expired tags, his expired in November. I knew I needed to get 60 day tags but I was told that I can use my title until for a few days until I can make it into the tag office, don't know if that's true or not now. So the officer makes me get out of the car and searches the vehicle and finds an old beer can tucked under the passenger seat and I had no idea about it. So he writes me a ticket for expired tags and open container. I did not drink, he gave me no tests, and let me go. I am still on probation for my DUI in 2010, and am pretty scared. What do I tell my PO? I have to report contact within 24 hours and don't want to go to jail. What can I do about the new charges?
You should consult with an attorney in our area about the new charges and what to discuss with your PO. If you want to...
no previous DUI history, first time going through sobreity tests after being pulled over for speeding. I told this to the officer, after the tests he said i showed signs of impairment and asked if i consent to a breathalyzer, I asked him what the consequences were and he said i would get citation and would need to pay the fine at the court. So i refused, but from what i read online this means a suspension? is there any way to avoid this?
Yes consult a lawyer immediately, you can appeal the refusal but you only have a limited time and then it is too late....